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For Mother’s Day the family decided we should beat the crowds and eat out on Saturday instead of Sunday. We went to a restaurant at Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center called Chibo, which is an “Okonomiyaki” restaurant. I had actually never heard of this type of food before and really wasn’t sure how I’d like eating Japanese food in a crepe, so I went with the yakisoba. They cooked it right in front of us and this amused the kidlets for about 5 minutes before they were throwing napkins, stealing chopsticks to break them apart and toss them, and asking to go outside.

I don’t eat yakisoba very often but have made it a few times at home myself. I got the “Chibo” combination special dinner. Though the food was good, I’m not really sure it was worth the money. I guess it’s the experience you pay for. I have additional pictures of the food that I will post tomorrow!

For today I have leftover yakisoba from the kid’s meal. Buddy and Baby Girl split a yakisoba dish with chicken and pork, so that is what I am eating today.

I added some green onions to the top to give it a bit more color and added in a flower-shaped onigiri with nori paste in the middle and small umeboshi stuck into the middle. This tasted pretty good reheated!


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Someone commented on yesterday’s entry with a link to Spark People and I went to take a look and will definitely have to give that a try. I realize that I owe Weight Watchers a lot for helping me lose 22 pounds, but right now Mr. Pikko is very concerned about all the doom and gloom talk that economists are having so I need to shave spending. A subscription to WW again is something I want and not something I necessarily need, so I really need to thank mbbored for the referral. Free 99 is most definitely a Pikko kind of price tag!

As I mentioned, economy has become a hot issue in my household. To show my support for this, I’m going to start trying to focus on doing more cost-friendly bentos. I might even start a series of a subject like say, 50 Ways to Eat A Costco Chicken. Actually, 50 is a lot… I should start lower with 12 maybe, haha!

For now though, I’m trying to uh… purge my fridge and freezer from things that I’ve bought during naughty trips to Foodland. I packed 3 pork gyoza into this bento along with a leftover pink onigiri from the freezer. The fish bottle has soy sauce for the gyoza. Next to it I have kim chee crab, which I will eat with the lettuce that lines the box. In the middle I have sliced takuan, ume, and edamame.

When I first got these small round boxes I didn’t really care for them but now I really enjoy packing small lunches into them. I wish I had more of these black lacquer boxes as I really think food in a black box makes for great contrasting colors. I haven’t used my two-tier boxes in quite a while, I guess I am just going through a bento box mood right now.

Easter is right around the corner and UGH do I hate holidays like these because it means giving a whole lot of things to a whole lot of kids. Don’t get the wrong idea, I do enjoy giving to kids. But 17 kids? My wallet is crying uncle! My husband’s eyeballs are still rolling around the cash register at Price Busters. My sanity is pleading insanity! (Don’t you just love the feel of Easter grass between your toes?) And this doesn’t even include my own kids and my niece and nephew. After this ridiculousness I’m done with classmate Easter baskets. Next year, I’m having a big Easter card project at my house for my two kids and we’re giving handmade painted egg cards and a healthy snack. This just costs way too much.

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My apologies for not posting on Girl’s Day, but I didn’t have a bento to post because I ended up not having enough time to finish it in time. ; ; We had to tour a preschool early in the AM and I had to just put my bento into the fridge for today. I ate leftover hamburger stew for lunch.

This is the bento, finished at last. I have as the “main” food, three pan friend shrimps, some eggplant, and some zucchini. Along with that is a flower shaped onigiri, a bunny shaped boiled egg dyed pink, pickled cucumbers, pickled eggplant, and a lone blueberry to fill up the middle. I put soy sauce for the boiled egg in a carrot bottle for the bunny. ^_^

For Girl’s Day we went to Shirokiya to buy Baby Girl a yukata and hair piece, which looked so so cute. I also bought some chichi dango, which is pictured below. I couldn’t resist bringing some to work for lunch. The pinks are strawberry, the greens are melon, the white are plain (?). There were blueberry ones as well, but I didn’t really like the taste of them. My favorite is the white.

On Friday Mr. Pikko had a surprise for me. He took me to dinner at Sam Choy’s in Diamond Head where we had some gift certificates for and then took me to see the Romeo and Juliette opera at the Hawaii Opera Theater. It was an interesting experience, but that darned place needs to turn up their AC! Who wants to sweat while watching Romeo and Juliet?? 😦 I had a very nice time though, especially at dinner. I took pics of our onolicious food, too!

Seared Sashimi Appetizer – VERY good!
Butterfish – Mr. Pikko’s dinner
Red wine Braised Shortribs – My dinner, VERY GOOD!
Pineapple cheesecake – Looked great, but I didn’t like it. I thought it would be pineapple flavored cheesecake, but it turned out to be cheesecake flavored pineapple.

The cheesecake was really cool because that fan you see at the top? That’s a thin slice of sun-dried pineapple. I thought that was so cool, even though I didn’t care for the dessert itself. I also had a melon dacquiri, which I really didn’t like. I’ll stick with strawberry from now on. D:

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The ending of the first quarter at Saturday’s game had us all stunned. We sat there in muted horror, unable to grasp what was going on. DOWN 21 to nothing? Was the scoreboard wrong? WERE THE WHITE JERSEYS A JINX??!?!?! (I seriously thought this at least 50 times)

And it rained. It was as if Hawaii was weeping and we were all bathed in its tears. We couldn’t seem to get the ball past the 50 yard line. I took Buddy walking down to the other side and I talked him through the next drive. Colt will pass and the ball will go there. It happened. Again and again Buddy and I walked down and I whispered in his ear each time where the ball would go and that this was the drive we’d finally score on. And we did! He got a real kick out of me screaming and hoisting him up. He’d grin ear to ear and laugh and laugh and laugh.

It was truly a wonderful and memorable experience. I’ll carry the memories of that game with me forever, just as I still carry the memories of that last catch of the Fresno State game years ago. When we scored to finally bring ourselves up we were screaming so much and so excited. Then to see the Huskies down at their own 4 yard line… it was too much. The thought of having to suffer through overtime was horrible!! Everyone was screaming “DEFENSE” but I was screaming, “PLEEEEEASE!” I really thought they caught that last pass, then to see it just bounce out of his arms and into the hands of Mouton… I thought I was dreaming.

I know the black box over her eyes is creepy, but Mr. Pikko is a privacy stickler. Just pretend they’re sunglasses!

The kids were a real handful at this game and the monster sized Disneyland lollipop I bought for Baby Girl reeeeally came in handy, but we know that 10, 15 years from now our kids can happily say they attended that football game. And we have proof too! We watched the ESPN broadcast later and we’re in a crowd shot at the end of the game. YaY! I look grouchy, but this is due to having to carry Baby Girl for almost the entire 4th quarter. That will make any person sour, trust me.

And the Warriors are bound for the SUGAR BOWL!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!! GO WARRIORS!!!!

My mom came over to attend the game with my brother and they were in yellow CC, which I think was a good view even if they were in the nosebleeds. She dragged my brother down to Chinatown to get some char siu and spare ribs from her favorite place for Chinese food, Nam Fong. If you’ve never been to Nam Fong it’s a little shocking at first. It’s a really gross, bare place and the guy just takes it off the hook in the window and chops it for you right there. The char siu is SO good tho, I tend to nibble on the way home and that’s a bad idea. It’s possible to just stand at the container and just eat and eat. Anyway, I have some for lunch!

I have with it a flower shaped onigiri with ume in the middle, then a small piece of corn, char siu, spare ribs, and some sakura carrots. And in case anyone is still curious about my weight, I’m still maintaining at 127! 😀

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The highlight of my day came this morning. I was just about to lie back and fall asleep on the way in to work when Kanoa Leahey (we listen to Leahey and Leahey on Mondays and Fridays) says, “Soon we’ll be joined by Dana White, president of the UFC!” and both me and Mr. Pikko were like, “WHAAAT!” lol

It was a cool interview and Mr. Pikko had me call the show people (I talked to a screener) to ask them to ask Dana White if he was ever going to bring UFC to Hawaii. They did ask, whether it was because of my call, I’ll never know, but he did say that perhaps in 2009 there would be a Hawaii UFC card. But yeah, possible third hand phone call question to Dana White was pretty amusing, haha!

Yesterday was a very rainy, gloomy, and chilly day so it was really cool to be greeted with the nice smell of hot miso soup yesterday evening. My MIL’s chicken tofu is a really good rainy weather comfort food and though I wanted to make more miso soup and bring it in today, I ended up deciding I didn’t feel like going through the hassle of making it this morning. There was a lot left over, so I took what I thought was a really small portion, but when I put it into the box it looked like a lot of food!

I cooked rice this morning for this, meaning it will probably go to waste. I always tell myself I should freeze onigiri, but I always forget cause my brain is so muddled lately. On the left side I have cucumber slices, some kamaboko, and okinawan sweet potato.


Two weeks ago I was fuming at the tv and cussing at the pompous and cocky attitude of Jaime, who thought she was so funny and clever to be throwing a challenge to vote off one of their new tribemates that she couldn’t help snickering at the thrown challenge AND could not help laughing at tribal council. I was just like, what a freakin’ bean!!! I hated her!! Things started to look up last week when Todd gave the hidden immunity idol to James with a plan to get rid of Jaime. That didn’t go well since they didn’t win immunity, so I was let down.

BUT THEN! Oh this week was such sweet television watching. I finally got to watch that snide chick get her bachi. She has in her possession what is a “fake” immunity idol, so she plays it before the votes are read. Jeff Probst says that if she has immunity, then all votes for her do not count, then he announces that it’s NOT the idol and then throws her idol into the fire. HAHAHAHAHA! And then she gets voted off! Oh my gawd. Picture me on the couch rolling, dying, crying. lol

Man I ❤ Survivor.

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Teriyaki Beef (124)

Once in a great while I do a bento that take me less than 10 minutes to put together and thankfully, this was one of them. Lately I feel like I have 3x the amount of things to do to squeeze into 24 hours and on top of that, I seem to be getting sleepy earlier and earlier. I did manage to get some work done on my costume last night though. I’d burnt out and had to force myself to get back into it.

We ate teriyaki beef last night for dinner and since my mother in law’s recipe is a very strongly flavored one, instead of eating it with rice I ate it with all salad. As you can guess from my KCCA salads (which means Kim Chee Crab & Avocado Salad) I like to use meats with heavy or spicy flavoring so that it eliminates the need for salad dressings. While doing Weight Watchers I of course got into the habits of reading the food label of everything I could and found that salad dressings actually have quite a bit of fat in them. Granted, I don’t use the whole serving listed at 2 Tb, but still… 2 Tb of salad dressing with 17% of your daily fat? Nuh uh. With heavily flavored toppings, you really don’t need any dressing.

I took salad greens for today’s bento but since I had some rice leftover from yesterday I put that in with an ume. I added some of my fresh tomatoes to the salad. Notice how some are even tinier than the tiny ones? lol I guess some of them are just in a super hurry to ripen already. It’s pretty cool, I get to pick maybe 5-8 tomatoes every morning. Pretty soon I’ll have to start taking them to my mother in law’s house because I don’t think I can keep up eating that many!

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Today I’m breaking in a new box, my new Monokuro Boo box! This was one I bought a couple weeks ago but just haven’t gotten around to using. It’s a pretty small box and since I didn’t have too much food to put in it, it seemed like the time was right for its debut.

I used two slices of the tamagoyaki I made yesterday and made me some tamago sushi along with a roll of ume maki to use up the last of my leftover rice. To add color I put in some sliced avocado and carrot sticks.

I forgot to sharpen the image this morning before uploading so the photo is a lil bit fuzzy. I have peeled rambutan and cigar mango in the bottom layer but didn’t think it was exciting enough to photograph.

I do believe this is one of my very rare vegetarian bentos. I’ll probably end up eating some Smart Pop today to help fill the meat void. I have heard about the whole popcorn lung thing, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop eating popcorn altogether. What I have decided is that eating a bag 3-4 times a week probably isn’t a good idea anymore, so I’m limiting myself to one bag per week.

I’ve also got to somehow get my brain back onto the points system. I’ve been having difficulties ever since I dropped down past 130 because I guess part of me feels that this is the lightest I’ve been since 1997 so I’m really still way ahead of myself. I find myself still watching my portions but I no longer pay strict attention to how many points I’m eating. Still, I’ve been bouncing between 125 and 128 for the last month, so I suppose I haven’t been all THAT naughty with my eating habits.

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