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Ok so I’ve been moaning and groaning about my stupid camera spitting out blurry pictures when I photograph my bentos lately and I thought this would make for a great excuse to get a new camera. My plans were foiled when Mr. Pikko suggest I check for a smudge on the lens. Sure enough, there was a little fingerprint right across the front. I will blame Buddy, since he loves to take pictures, usually of people’s chests and neck. Who knows, maybe he will be some weird modern art photographer.

The Art of the Neck!

So anyway, with my camera problems unfortunately solved, I still have a blurry bento picture for today, which fills me with complete and utter rage!! AUGH!!!

Just kidding. ^_^

This here is oven fried chicken and no, I have not fallen off the weight loss wagon just yet. I still have to lose 12 pounds before I’m considered “not fat” in scientific terms. Plus, my size 4 pants are no longer comfortable, a sure sign I need to control my eating again. I picked the smallest piece of chicken in the pan and then brought soy sauce for flavor so that I can pick all the breading off. I’ll try my best not to eat all the rice.

Next to it I have broccoli and takuan in a little food cup. I tucked in one il/legal tomato for color and then wished I had more food to put in. I ended up only bringing one tier since the only fruit I had was a papaya and Baby Girl loves papaya so much if I had taken some there would have been some papaya riots in the kitchen this morning.

Alrighty so last weekend, as you all know, was my best friend’s wedding. Much to everyone’s shock, we left our kiddies at home. This however, turned out to be a very wise decision as I think I might have shown up at the wedding slightly demented if they’d come along. (more on that below) Traveling with toddlers is not fun. You have to rent carseats, their little bodies balloon your airfare no matter how much you tell the airline they can both fit in one seat, they are of course not used to sleeping in a strange place and therefore are really cranky at night, and ALL the bathrooms are not your house one therefore making the request to “go shishi at home” extremely unreasonable.

We stayed in Kona Saturday so that we could go to Kona Bowl to watch BJ Penn defend his title in UFC 84 and me not wanting to spend too much on a hotel we’d be barely staying at, chose to go with a cheapie condo. The place was pretty decent for the price so I can’t really fault it, but it was definitely not a place I felt comfortable sleeping in. For one, it had a weird odor. Two, there was this HORRIBLE looking spider in the parking lot that gave me serious freaking nightmares (not kidding). There were lots of mysterious quarter sized holes in the ceiling. The comforter was dark green with lovely white stains on them. Later that night I ended up suggesting that we sleep without bathing so as to avoid getting any ickyness on our sleeping clothes. I slept with the sheets covering my feet because a part of me was afraid that yellow-assed demon was going to get off his web and crawl in to terrorize me. I woke up at least 4 times during the night checking my feet. I cannot imagine trying to get our kids to sleep in this place.

We had time to kill so we hung out napping in the Kona Bowl parking lot, then went to Macy’s where I got the flipping deal of my life on a really great Eileen Fisher jacket. The price on the tag was $228 and I got it at 65% off with an extra 20% off for signing up for a Macy’s card (which I got lectured about). I was supposed to get a total of 40% extra off, so if I’m feeling particularly stingy, I’ll call them up to complain. But for now, getting a $228 jacket for $37 has me on Cloud Nine. Later, we met my Aunty C and Uncle L for lunch at Big Island Grille. That was fun, thanks for meeting us Aunty!!

UFC was freaking awesome! All the fights were pretty good with the exception (in my opinion anyway) of the Machida/Tito fight. That one just frustrated the hell out of me… I’d gone shopping at Pearlridge Friday and at Champs I found one woman’s Extreme Couture shirt. I was really happy with it for the design obviously, but probably also because it was a size small and anything that says small and fits is a freaking great shirt. I had tried to blur our Mr. Pikko, but he ended up looking like a danged obake, so I just cropped him out.

Watching UFC with a lot of other people who actually like UFC is a heck of a lot better than watching at home by yourselves trying to convince the kids that UFC is just as fun as Curious George. I got some serious chicken skin when BJ entered the arena. He comes out to a mix of Hawaii 78 and E Ala E (you can listen to it below) by Eggman, which is what Baby Girl calls Bruddah Iz. We’re still trying to figure out what the heck she’s talking about. She gave us some spiel about how we showed her a video playing Somewhere Over the Rainbow and a big dragon was chasing Iz or something… I think maybe one night I must have accidentally given her a lollipop before bed and then let her watch a YouTube video of Iz, causing her to have psychedelic sugar high dreams about the “Eggman”. ?!?!?

There must have been over a hundred people at the bowling alley watching and so it was the perfect atmosphere. When BJ knocked Sean Sherk out the place just erupted, it was awesome. My only complaint was that the guy was giving away prizes on an obnoxiously loud mic, sometimes during prelim fights. I mean, those are interesting too…

When it comes to MMA, Mr. Pikko likes to accuse me of name dropping, which I fully admit to doing because while I can appreciate the meaning behind a term such as a “beautiful armbar” and can remember tons of fights, I still have no freaking clue what a “kimura” is other than my friend’s last name. I know just enough to appear to be a hardcore MMA fan, but in reality I just live with an MMA freak and find it much more convenient and time-saving to have him relay to me the latest gossip from the sites and blogs.

I have however, moved on from name dropping to what I call “shirt dropping”. I have this thing about buying shirts lately. I have like 8 UH shirts and then now have my Extreme Couture shirt, my BJ Penn tank top, etc. It’s pretty effective too, I wore my BJ tank to the salon when I was getting ready for the wedding and the lady doing the nails of the bride next to me mentioned what a great fight it was. The man at the front desk of the salon asked me if BJ won. At the airport some guy wearing an Extreme Couture shirt saw mine and later at Kona Bowl told us about his MMA clothing store at Schofield. So now instead of asking someone with potential MMAphobia if they watch UFC, I just wear it and wait for people to talk to me. Good stuff!

After UFC we went to see Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. It was entertaining, but Last Crusade is still the best for me. “Water? No thank you, fish make love in it.”

This is me and Lan just before her wedding. I’m kinda sad about the hair.. I should have had it down. I look like I just jumped out of that 80s music video Simply Irresistable only with less eyeliner. The back was really pretty with curls, but you can’t see it. 😦 I loved Lan’s hair and headpiece! Her wedding was loads of fun and their vows had everyone in tears. Best. Vows. Ever. Not joking. I wish I could have come up with something that beautiful. *romantic sigh*

Kahua Ranch had the most fantastic view. Mr. Pikko and I took this picture just after sunset. More to the right you had a clear view of Maui. I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was up there. The road up was freakishly scary, so I was pretty relieved that we took a bus down in the dark later.

We stayed at the Hilton Waikoloa Village and I got this for free from my HHonors points. The room was like a 500% improvement over the condo in Kona and I don’t know if I’ve ever slept on a bed that comfortable in my life. It killed me to have to wake up at 4:30 AM to get to the airport for our 7 AM flight. I was most definitely on crack when I made those reservations. The Hilton has retardedly spaced out towers, so it’s best to take their tram. Only the tram doesn’t start up until 6, so we had to walk half a mile from our room to the parking lot. Not cool. Still, I really wish we could have enjoyed the hotel more. This is the hotel with buttloads of artwork, waterways for boats, pools, a lagoon, possibly waterslides, (I forget), and dolphins! Next time! ^_^

Hopefully I can have more pics later, I had camera brain farts and didn’t take many. We got home and ate breakfast at Anna Miller’s so that I could look up on the laptop symptoms of brain aneurysms, which I mentioned yesterday. Despite all my complaints, it was great to see the kids again. Buddy had a wet head from running around in circles a lot, which didn’t surprise me. I just hope he didn’t do that the entire weekend.


I forgot to talk about LOST!! I guess I’ll do that next week though, when people have safely watched the finale thus ensuring I do not spoil it for people.


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Today’s bento is brought to you by the letters ‘B’ and ‘P’. I was making it this morning and went to the fridge to grab the tomatoes. Buddy saw me and immediately got frantic, “BUDDY DO! BUDDY DO!!!!!” He started wailing when I picked them out and washed them because he had wanted to choose them. Since he doesn’t know a firm tomato from a football, I was unable to accomodate his wishes.

Instead, I let him put the tomatoes into the bento, which worked like a charm in getting him to stop screaming. I swear, the kid can turn the tantrum on and off like a light switch. So anyway, this one was done by Buddy and Pikko. I’m one proud bento mama today!

This is tonkatsu from a few days ago. I had no bento yesterday because I had a lunch meeting at The Willows. The place was a ghost town, it was scary. Don’t people eat lunch out anymore?? I especially liked the roast turkey and prime rib. I wish I’d skipped the fish and chicken long rice and gotten more turkey.

Anyway, tonkatsu with furikake rice and green beans and Buddy’s tomatoes. The wedding is this Sunday and I have no idea how much I weigh, but I tried on the SIZE SIX dress last night and I fit just fine (awesome), so that is really all I care about at this point. I’ve got my shoes, my bra, and my dress. I just need to find some nice wedding appropriate earrings, a matching sweater to keep warm, and pantyhose and then I’m all set.

Mr. Pikko and I will be watching UFC 84 in Kona this Saturday. GO GO BJ!

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UFC 83 & Kokua Festival

I have no bento today since I am going out to lunch with my old friend who just moved back to Oahu and is working here at UH again. YaY!

Here is the picture of the miso ramen I had at this place in Manoa Marketplace called Nishi Mon Cho. To be honest, it wasn’t that great. The bean sprouts were really bland and the miso was congealed at the bottom, so I didn’t know where the taste was until I was halfway through the bowl.

This past weekend was pretty awesome. Saturday was UFC 83, Georges St. Pierre vs. Matt Serra. I was, of course, rooting for GSP since he’s mega hot and I can’t stand Serra. He completely dominated him in awesome GSP fashion and it was great to watch. Rich Franklin looked great as well and it was pretty amusing to watch him fight against a completely gassed Travis Lutter.

My mom paid us a visit on Sunday and so knowing her love for movies, we went to see Horton Hears a Who with her again. This was Buddy’s third time! He loves “BIG tv”. We ate at Sumo Ramen and I had a miso ramen. People are going to be like, wow, Pikko is a ramen addict now. True story!

After that, it was time to drop them off and head down to the Kokua Festival. I had bought tickets online by making a donation to the Kokua Foundation. Go Jimmy Go, Paula Fuga, Mason Jennings, Tim Reynolds, Dave Matthews, and Jack Johnson were playing. No disrespect meant to Jack Johnson since he does have a great voice and lots of catchy songs, but we went purely for Dave Matthews. He’d never played in Hawaii before and the chance to see him live was just too good to be true. Things went pretty well, Dave didn’t come on until 6:30, so we got to the area at around 4:45 or so. We turned into the zoo parking lot (against my advice) and amazingly, someone pulled out right in front of us. So.. parking was a breeze. So lucky!

We decided to go into Waikiki to find a place to eat and soon found out that there really weren’t that many places to eat on Kalakaua Avenue. We walked for 20 minutes and then I figured since I’d dragged Mr. Pikko almost clear across Waikiki, we would be able to just eat at Kiwami Ramen which was A-OK with me! I got the Miso Ramen with Tasty Egg (which you can kind of see peeking out of the dashi). It was VERY good! The noodles were perfect and the soup very tasty. I didn’t even mind the chili peppers. Their chasu is very soft, two big thumbs up!

We got back to the Waikiki Shell just in time and found our seats in time. The announcer called their appearance “epic” and “historic” and then just like that, Dave Matthews came on stage. Now, I have a thing for mellow male voices but there is just something special and magical about the voice of Dave Matthews. I actually had tears in my eyes during three of his songs. Maybe it was because it feels like he’s singing to your soul.

I’d never heard of Tim Reynolds before this concert and they made a great duo. They played for a little under an hour and a half and I can happily say that my drawn out Valentine’s Day gift was a smashing success with Mr. Pikko.

My only complaint was definitely the stage camera operator. That dude needs to get another job because every time they had him focusing in on the people on stage, I swear, he’d suddenly drop the camera angle down to the stage floor and they’d have to shift to another camera. My pictures didn’t come out so great since we were kind of in the back, but I was able to take the above one by going down the aisle to snap one.

Luckily there was a big screen that we could watch whenever they’d zoomed in on him.

The festival was very sold out, so a lot of people camped out on the grass in Kapiolani Park just to listen to them from outside. I took a picture during a break.

Jack Johnson on the big screen. He played a lot of songs with his band, then later came back out to play by himself and with other singers. We stayed just in case he sang with Dave later in the show…

Here I am with Mr. Pikko, who is blotted out with a picture of Pokko’s face. He doesn’t like to have pictures online and so out of spite, I figure I might as well dig in the Mr. Pikko embarassment bit. ^_^

I got THE last Kokua Festival T-shirt they had there, taken right off the wall of the only merchandise booth left open. I love fitting into small size shirts. 😀

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I’ve watched every single episode of Lost ever since Season 1 and even though fans like me went through some frustrating moments in Season 3, I’ve never really ever “lost” interest in the show. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate just how magnificently awesome Season 4 has been so far. Every episode we’ve seen this year has the old magic of Lost back from the first two seasons. Actually, I take that back, it’s much better. Last night’s episode certainly was no exception, ranking up in my top 3 episodes of the entire series. Or maybe I just ❤ Desmond. Can you be any sexier, brother?

Yeah, yeah, I’m a sucker for the Scottish accent I guess.


Anyway, SPOILERS!!!!!!!

Oh god, tears. Yeah, I so cried last night watching that. *sniff*

On to the bento!

Since today is leap year day, I thought I should do a froggy. What cuter frog is there than Kerokerokeroppi?! Plus since my old buddy Jeth commented yesterday that I haven’t done a face bento in a while, this fits right in! ^_^

The bento itself is pretty bad, consisting of furikake rice and shoyu chicken hot dog (with edamame on the bottom half). Keroppi’s green skin is made out of danjour pear skin. His eyes and shirt are the white fleshy part of the pear. The black outlines are obviously nori. The red stripes on his shirt are the inside flesh of a strawberry, and his cheeks are little clusters of raspberry seeds. The way I made him was to print and cut out a picture of Keroppi, then cut the entire background of him out of nori. Then I cut him into little sections so that I could get all the inner black outlines too. I cut it into eyeballs, face, two hands, two feet, and body.

After I cut out the nori I cut the black part off the papers and then used that to trace cut the fruit. I kinda messed up on the eyes because I tried to trim them down, forgetting that the eyeballs fit right into the face, so I had to do some more trimming on his face to make it look okay.

Sadly, I had forgotten my purse at work yesterday and my camera was in there. 😦 This picture was taken with Mr. Pikko’s new Samsung FlipShot camera. Quality came out pretty good, but I had to do a lot of lighting and color adjustments in Photoshop before it looked like this. Best I could do!

Tomorrow is UFC 82 and I’m not sure where we’re going to see it yet, but I’m excited about it! Anderson Silva is a very entertaining fighter and I usually root for him whenever he’s not kneeing Rich Franklin’s nose into last year. ; ;

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Updates & Pics

I gave birth to two kids naturally without painkillers but yesterday I found out that this doesn’t completely knock me off the List of Complete Wussies. My new office is a place that promotes healthy work environments and so yesterday before a meeting I participated in a little 4 minute exercise bit. I thought eh, 4 minutes, no big deal. LOL

We did these torturous things called squats and dips. As the day progressed my legs began to catch on fire and by the time I went to bed I was wimpering like a little girl and ended up taking Tylenol. I know, pathetic. I limped all 20 minutes to work today.

I’m sorry for the lack of bento, but this week has been another tough one and I actually didn’t eat lunch for a couple days. That aside though, I only just got my camera back from my brother yesterday and today I have no bento because on Fridays my co-workers like to go out for lunch. I will probably still do lunches some Fridays, but just so people know why I might not have a bento at the end of the week I thought I’d mention it. I will definitely take pictures of my food anyway!! I haven’t eaten lunch yet today, so nothing so far.

I mentioned a trip to Hilo earlier this week. Here is a picture that I took with my mom and my grandma at the park outside of Miyo’s. Three generations! I have a picture with Baby Girl in it too, but she’s making this stink face and I think posting pics of her with black on her face is creepy anyway. Plus, my grandma is making the same stinky face.

And then there is the picture I mentioned outside BJ Penn’s gym. I wish it was a pic with BJ himself then I could tack that up with my picture with Colt, but oh well. Still get time!

KHON has been showing this frickin’ hilarious bit with Colt in it and I found it on YouTube. The dude getting knocked out is Kanoa Leahey, who is one of the hosts of Leahey and Leahey Live, a sports radio show we listen to in the mornings. I guess that must be why I find it so funny.

I just got back from doing more squats and lunges too. If I don’t update later today with pics of lunch, assume that I have died of Leg Agonyitus.

Update: We ate Korean food at O-Bok, but I forgot my camera at the office…….. /facepalm

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No Camera!!

I have a bento today, but unfortunately I couldn’t take a picture because I don’t have my camera with me, awww! I’m eating leftover tonkatsu from Sunday night with rice, bell peppers, and strawberries and blueberries.

I had a very nice long three day weekend and got so much accomplished I can’t even believe it myself. It started on Friday, which was my 5 year wedding anniversary with Mr. Pikko. We went to our usual spot, Ruth’s Chris, where I got a filet and had my first ever glass of alcohol in 28 years. I’ve never really seen the appeal in drinking and have always taken pride in my alcohol virginity, but with the year we’d been having I felt this was an appropriate time to start.

I asked our waiter what was a good white wine for a first time wine drinker and I don’t think he knew what he was talking about because he pointed me to some list of white wines and steered me to the most expensive one. I think it was called Statesbery or something. Anyway, he brought it and it tasted like ass. Or gasoline. I dunno, whatever, it just tasted frickin’ horrible. On the longass list of existing wines out there, that goes onto my “Never Again” list. It took a lot of effort to drink that danged neverending glass.

My filet was made of awesome as usual, especially since I got to have it medium rare instead of medium, which was what I’d had to have for a long time due to pregnancies and breastfeeding, etc. After dinner we went to see Cloverfield, which I thought was really good until it ended with no answers. It was a wild ride of a movie which had no real explanation, which is so typical of JJ Abrams (LOST writer). Short movie, though… After the movie Mr. Pikko suggested we go walking around Waikiki, which I didn’t feel like doing since my feet kinda hurt, but it turned out he had a big surprise for me. He’d booked a hotel room in secret and in it was my anniversary surprise! He’d bought me a dozen red roses, a bottle of red wine, a Nintendo DS, a wooden picture frame (for 5th anniversary), an ink cartridge for my printer, a new (old) ball mouse since mine is failing, and something nice to wear. *cough*

It was a very nice evening and made the year feel a lot better. The sucky part is the wine tasted just as shitty as the white at the restaurant, LOL. We woke up really late and he had one more surprise for me, which was to take me to some bar to watch UFC 80: Rapid Fire where BJ Penn would be fighting for the UFC Lightweight Title against Joe “Daddy” Stevenson in Newcastle, England. While we were there I tried some beer and while it was bitter, it tasted a whole lot better than wine did. I tried some of his Bud Light, drank a Coors Light, and then drank a Heinekin. I didn’t really like the Heinekin as it was really bitter with a strong aftertaste. I didn’t feel too different except for some tingly fingers though. The food at this place was really good though and as I expected, BJ won. He won in a very bloody and dominating fashion, which made for really good watching.

Sunday I went to the mall with my old high school friend Jean. I bought myself a nice new purse and got my ears pierced, which made the bad mood I’d been in feel a lot better. That’s another thing I didn’t have, pierced ears. Someone gave me a pair of earrings at the FFXI Fan Festival and so they don’t go to waste, I decided to get that out of the way too.

Monday was my Grandma’s birthday, so we all flew out to my hometown of Hilo to surprise her. We snuck into her house and my mom went to get her and she came out completely baffled that we were all standing in her living room, it was very nice. We went to eat lunch at this Japanese restaurant at Waiakea Villas called Miyo’s and the food there was really good! Stupid me, I forgot to take a picture of the bento meal I got. I had a combination lunch of shrimp tempura, sashimi, and sesame chicken. The sesame chicken was by far the best part of the meal. It was light, crispy, and tasted wonderful. Usually Japanese fried chicken tastes really heavy and oily, but this was definitely not the case and I’m really sorry I didn’t document it for you all to see! Next time for sure!!

Being in Hilo, I wanted to go check out BJ’s gym. He wasn’t back from England yet, but I bought a BJPenn.com women’s tanktop that says “Just Scrap Sexy” on the back, which cracks me up. I have a picture of me and Mr. Pikko (WHICH HE SAYS I CAN POST, OMG) outside the place, but that will have to wait until I get my camera back, which I forgot at my Grandma’s house. My brother will bring it back to Honolulu for me today.

For dinner I made everyone go to Cafe 100 so that I could eat a loco moco and get some gravy cheeseburgers, which I feel are the best part about Cafe 100. I am living proof that one weekend of bad eating can mess up your weight in a major way. I was approaching 123 last week and today I was 128.3!! lol Last night, I figured I was porked up so much I might as well just eat the cheeseburger, then eat nicely for a while to get it back off. I rarely go home anyway, so it’s not like I’m going to be this bad all the time. D: I’ll post my pictures tomorrow with my lunch again!

Also, congrats to my cousin Stef who just gave birth to a baby boy last week!!!

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The highlight of my day came this morning. I was just about to lie back and fall asleep on the way in to work when Kanoa Leahey (we listen to Leahey and Leahey on Mondays and Fridays) says, “Soon we’ll be joined by Dana White, president of the UFC!” and both me and Mr. Pikko were like, “WHAAAT!” lol

It was a cool interview and Mr. Pikko had me call the show people (I talked to a screener) to ask them to ask Dana White if he was ever going to bring UFC to Hawaii. They did ask, whether it was because of my call, I’ll never know, but he did say that perhaps in 2009 there would be a Hawaii UFC card. But yeah, possible third hand phone call question to Dana White was pretty amusing, haha!

Yesterday was a very rainy, gloomy, and chilly day so it was really cool to be greeted with the nice smell of hot miso soup yesterday evening. My MIL’s chicken tofu is a really good rainy weather comfort food and though I wanted to make more miso soup and bring it in today, I ended up deciding I didn’t feel like going through the hassle of making it this morning. There was a lot left over, so I took what I thought was a really small portion, but when I put it into the box it looked like a lot of food!

I cooked rice this morning for this, meaning it will probably go to waste. I always tell myself I should freeze onigiri, but I always forget cause my brain is so muddled lately. On the left side I have cucumber slices, some kamaboko, and okinawan sweet potato.


Two weeks ago I was fuming at the tv and cussing at the pompous and cocky attitude of Jaime, who thought she was so funny and clever to be throwing a challenge to vote off one of their new tribemates that she couldn’t help snickering at the thrown challenge AND could not help laughing at tribal council. I was just like, what a freakin’ bean!!! I hated her!! Things started to look up last week when Todd gave the hidden immunity idol to James with a plan to get rid of Jaime. That didn’t go well since they didn’t win immunity, so I was let down.

BUT THEN! Oh this week was such sweet television watching. I finally got to watch that snide chick get her bachi. She has in her possession what is a “fake” immunity idol, so she plays it before the votes are read. Jeff Probst says that if she has immunity, then all votes for her do not count, then he announces that it’s NOT the idol and then throws her idol into the fire. HAHAHAHAHA! And then she gets voted off! Oh my gawd. Picture me on the couch rolling, dying, crying. lol

Man I ❤ Survivor.

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