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We had hamburger patties last night and this is something I’ve been finding increasingly hard to arrange nicely without repeating the same old things, so I decided to try making it into a fried rice. I don’t recall ever eating a hamburger fried rice, so hopefully it turns out all right.

The first thing I did was heat some olive oil in a little pan. Then I crumbled up the hamburger patty into small pieces and separated the rice as best I could. It was a mixture of white and brown rice. I had some already chopped up bell pepper and added that into the mix. After it had been cooking for a bit, I poured about a tablespoon of Mr. Yoshida’s sauce over it. I added the broccoli last, since I hadn’t thought about putting it in until I noticed it was rather bland in color.

Since lacquer boxes cannot stand high heat, I lined the box with some lettuce to help protect it. I poured everything in and arranged the pieces as best I could with chopsticks. For snacks I have baby carrots, some of those new Brother’s Potato Crisps (freeze dried, ZERO oil, ZERO fat, yahoo!!), salsa, and popcorn.


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Tomorrow is a holiday for us state slackers, so if all goes well, Bento #200 should land this Thursday. I’ve finally decided what I want to do, but am not going to say what it is so that it is a nice surprise for everyone. And just so that it will be more impressive, I made a really crappy bento today. LOL

In reality, I was just lazy. I slept in a bit and didn’t start making my bento til it was like 7 AM. I have a teriyaki hamburger patty, cut in half to make it lay out nicely. Next to that, some cucumber pickles and garlic pan fried asparagus (in garlic salt and olive oil). I filled in some space with some chopped up egg whites, more leftovers from Easter. To make it not look that horrible, I added some sakura shaped carrots. Hopefully those distract you guys enough. I put soy sauce in the tomato bottle to eat the egg with.

I bounced down a bit to 128.8, so hopefully I can keep up a good thing this week with increased work exercises, walking, and being good in general. I think my problem for the last few months has been that I adopted this really bad “Hey, I’m skinny now, I can eat wutevas now.” mentality. Someone commented that I shouldn’t obsess over my weight, but instead pay attention to how my clothes fit. Good advice, only my pants ARE getting tighter, so I do need to get back on track. I am happy to report that I successfully dodged the box of Truffles some evil person brought in to work.

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Today I’m using a new bento box but I forgot to take a picture of the outside of it. It’s a two tier box with a cute froggy on the outside. It even comes with a matching fork! ^_^

Today I’m eating a teriyaki hamburger patty with leftover shrimp fried rice. I was trying to eat this for lunch during my radio show on Sunday but didn’t get much eaten for fear of making too much noise. I really have to remember to eat before showtimes. The rice looked great with the peas so I decided to leave the shrimps on the side next to the patties. The piggy bottle has soy sauce in it for the rice because it wasn’t the tastiest of fried rices and I’m one of those people that thinks soy sauce makes everything taste better. The little food dividers were a gift from one of my blog readers, Stephanie. I finally got a chance to use them! So cute! Thank you again!

I’m a little upset that I didn’t notice that open space next to the piggy. I hate having open spaces like that. ; ;

In my bottom tier I packed a lot of fruit. I have two sliced kiwis, some raspberries, and then a little silicone cup of blueberries. The cup is from a set of cups that I got from Nizdaar in the Allakhazam Secret Santa exchange we did. They’re so tiny and a perfect size for the shallower bento containers I have. I have the regular sized silicone cups and they’re only useful in my taller boxes. This set came from Amazon and the set contained lots of different colors. A great bento item since you can use them over and over!

I noticed yesterday that the Hawaii Chair video got removed, so I edited the post to display a new video!

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Last night was the season premiere of LOST and I have to admit that I was very happy with what I saw. Last season was such a drag to watch and the only redemption in the whole year was the finale with the flashforwards. Without spoiling anything, the premiere continued on this flashforward trend and with that, has brought life back into the series. And boy did it need it. Manual labor cracking rocks? Locked in cages and tricked into having sexy time on camera for your doctor crush to see? It really did sound like some silly fantasy a girl has as a teen. Hot doctor/hot bad boy love triangle on a remote island. Oh yeah, baby, who didn’t wish for something like that when they were 13? I sure as hell did.

Okay now that I’ve got my schoolgirl fantasy confessions out of the way, we can move on to my lunch.

Last night Grandma J made Teriyaki Wasabi Salmon, a recipe which I actually remembered to ask her for this time! Woohoo! And even better, I have a picture of her to share with everyone. The majority of my bentos contain the food she so lovingly cooks for three families, so I think some credit is due. She protested the picture, but Mr. Pikko insists that under the surface she likes it. So if she meets us with a screech this afternoon, I’m so blaming it on him.

I’ve also decided to start referring to her as “Grandma J” because when I named the pic of her “MIL”, Mr. Pikko’s brain did some flipflops because it’s too close to “MILF”. Anyway, this is her! She’s holding up a cookbook on the page with the recipe for the salmon, which follows:

Teriyaki Wasabi Salmon

1. Drizzle salmon with Mr. Yoshida’s teriyaki sauce. (or other teriyaki sauce)
2. Spread mayo on top of salmon. If desired, mix some wasabi into the mayo.
3. Sprinkle Aji Nori furikake on top.
4. Place in microwave safe dish and microwave on high for 5 minutes. Check the salmon and if needed, cook for another 2-3 minutes.

Pretty quick, huh?? I am not a wasabi fan at all, but I tried the wasabi one (she makes with and without) and it tasted really great. It had the wasabi taste, but not the hotness. It’s a quick 10 minute recipe, give it a try! ^_^

I forgot to mention that my ear is still swollen. I’d done the Neosporin and it seemed to help, but then last night I was cleaning my puffy ear when I realized that I was cleaning it with eye makeup remover. GOOD JOB, ME!

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I am now on Day 5 of wild and crazy busy week. I can barely find the time to think lately, I’m even forgetting to blog! D: Last night we ate May’s Teriyaki Chicken thighs, which I think is a Hawaii brand of foods. They make wicked teriyaki burgers too! Anyway, I packed some up and put it on the dashboard when we were putting the kids in the car. I forgot we were on a slope and the tupperware came skateboarding down onto my seat and crash landed in a violent frenzy of rice, corn, and chicken. I screeched and picked it up immediately, but Mr. Pikko still felt the need to say, “Don’t worry, the only thing that goes there is my ass.” Well, gee, thanks dear! Anyway, that’s why I put the “Butt” in the title. It fell under the 5 second rule, so it’s all good, right?!?

I added in some edamame and an umeboshi. The box I used is actually quite ugly, I bought it simply for the nice food separations inside the box. Not that it mattered today since in my haste to get into the car this morning I dropped my bento bag, causing it to land upside down. *sigh*

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As I mentioned yesterday, we had teri ahi and tofu steak for dinner last night. I set aside a small piece for me to cook for my bento. It turned out pretty good even though I wasn’t going by any recipe or anything. I simply cooked the tofu steaks and fish fillets in olive oil and then added Mr. Yoshida’s sauce to the pan.

I have furikake rice underneath the tofu and broccoli on the side. The little fish bottle contains extra teri sauce for me to pour on the rice when I eat it today. With the small amount of rice, this bento is about 2 points. I packed this into my newest bento box that I got on eBay, a blue Doraemon box. It’s a great size and has a food divider, so of course I love it! A picture of the box:

I forgot to freeze my spaghetti last night and I’m not even sure I’ll be able to because my freezer is ridiculously packed with stuff. This morning Mr. Pikko called me over to it and said, “You hear that? That’s the ice machine breaking.” Apparently it’s not good to shove packs of frozen gyoza and bagels into the ice tray. Who knew!? ^_-

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As you may have noticed, I have snazzed up my blog a bit. It was getting stale and crusty and so I checked the Sell By date and it was pretty bad. Luckily I was able to scrape off the mold and put it in a pretty container for safekeeping for many months to come.

Doing this blog has done a lot of great things for me. I’ve learned a lot about cooking, I have something to look forward to every day, I lost 22 pounds thanks to Weight Watchers, and now I am getting freebies! Somewhere on the mainland a FedEx box containing the new cookbook by Harumi Kuriyama is flying over to me. I’m very very excited about it and can’t wait to try out recipes and give a review on it. I didn’t recognize her name at first but then when I went to Amazon to look it up I recognized her book immediately. I never bought that book though, mostly because they seemed more like dishes you cook for company. This one is on Home Cooking so I’m hoping it will have a lot of bento potential!

Last night we had teri hamburgers, which we usually eat with rice but since I was feeling in a good girl mood I decided to try it out with my salad with no rice. It was surprisingly very good. It tasted just like eating a hamburger with no bun, which I’d always though would be lame, but it wasn’t. So continuing my good girl streak I’ve made a hamburger salad. The patty looked rather depressing though, so I added a face made out of cheese and nori.

I wasn’t sure what kind of face to make so I just went with a silly face. Baby Girl saw his jaggedy mouth and announced that I was having a football bento and I guess from her angle it does look like a football. I added some grated carrot for added color and some edamame for variety. I’m going to stretch a bit and call this all Core because of the trivial amounts of things in the patty that would count for points. I mean I don’t think I need to count a few bread crumbs and the lil bit of sugar. The box I’m using is a black lacquer box with gold bunnies on the cover.

I haven’t had time to put this up on the store yet, but I do have two black and two red boxes like this available for $2.99 if anyone is interested. Also, be sure to check out the boxes section as I added in some of the Hello Kitty stuff that I’d run out of before. The orders I’m backed up on should go out tomorrow as I have to take the day off to pick up the kids. My in-laws are going out of town and so we’ll have to cook or buy food for ourselves starting tomorrow. I think it’ll be a great time to try out new dishes!

I was able to open a separate WordPress account and successfully import everything to a blog account there, but then it turns out that there are several aspects of WordPress I don’t really like. For one, StatCounter doesn’t work so well there, which is something I’ve really come to depend on. Two, I don’t seem to be able to easily change fonts or colors or whatever. I’d need to change the css code and I’m not fully comfortable doing that. So for now I’m going to stay on Blogger and see what I can do around here. I’ll have to think of something to do with my domain though as it seems a shame to let it rot there. Maybe a gallery! We’ll see. ^_^

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