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We had spaghetti for dinner last night but due to some kid craziness, I forgot to take leftovers again, something I was really upset about since I love spaghetti. With no food to take to lunch today, I ended up making somen salad.

I had somen noodles hiding away in a drawer. They’ve been patiently waiting for me to remember them and so this morning they cried out in joy at the thought of being the center of attention on AIB at last. Luckily, I still had eggs. I say “luckily” because I am really bad at keeping fridge inventory. I’m constantly going to the fridge for eggs or mirin and going, “Oh crap.”

I had a kamaboko in the freezer, which was easily defrosted under water. The Okuhara or Okamura or whatever brand of kamaboko is usually cheaper, but having grown up in Hilo, I am biased and always buy the Amano brand. I chopped up romaine lettuce really fine, added the egg (which I did not mess up TOO badly), added the kamaboko, then topped it with toasted sesame seeds. I have the sauce separately. My mom has a reeeeally good somen salad dressing recipe, but unfortunately she never wrote it down and can’t quite remember it. She’s working on getting it down again and hopefully I can post it then. For today I have store bought sauce.

I was going to add spam to it, but horror of horrors, I looked in my cabinets and found NO SPAM. I AM A DISGRACE TO ALL HAWAII MOTHERS. *sob* Trip to Costco planned ASAP.

As I mentioned, we ate at Kyoto Ohsho on Friday night. This place is located at Ho’okipa Terrace at Ala Moana or “the fancy schmancy top floor”.

We had pre-ordered all our food because had a huge ass party (maybe 35 people) but we still didn’t get our food until like 7:45, which was quite annoying, especially since we seemed to have only one waiter for all of us. I do have to note though, they have AWESOME rice. I can’t really describe it, but the rice was just divine. They brought a bowl of miso soup for the kids and a bowl of rice and while feeding them I tasted some and I just had to keep eating it. Plain, nothing else. It was that good.

I got the Grilled Salmon. Usually I drown (and I am speaking literally) my salmon in shoyu because I just love salmon with my shoyu, but the salmon at Kyoto Ohsho was salted, so it was very tasty on its own. It was also cooked thoroughly, yet still very moist. So in the end, despite the service, I was quite happy with my food. The kids’ teriyaki chicken was really good, too. I had a lot more pictures of the appetizers and sides, but I ended up having to delete them because my camera was full. Candle blowing and family pictures are more important than food. ^_^

On Saturday we took the kiddies to go eat at Genki Sushi and while we were eating I suddenly smelled smoke. I looked up and one of the chefs in the middle was flamethrowing some sushi. I picked one up off the line and




It turned out to be something they’d added since my last visit, Garlic Salmon. It was soooo good. Raw underneath, cooked with char taste and mayo on top, this thing was some of the best sushi I’d had in a really long time. I ordered a second one and popped it into my mouth before remembering to take a picture, so that is why one is missing. I just couldn’t wait to eat it!! They had two other garlic sushi types, but I didn’t try them. Someone commented on my Flickr stream saying the ahi one wasn’t as good, so maybe I’ll just stick with the salmon cause boy that one was a winner for sure. Yum!!


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I am finally back at work today. That “cold from hell” turned out to be the flu. I was out for a whole week and it really sucked. My diet consisted of soup, McDonald’s, soup, rice, tofu, cucumbers, and soup. We were finally better on Saturday and SO ready for real taste in our mouths that we had to go to Panda’s and get orange chicken to put some zing back in our taste buds. Last night I had Zippy’s chili as that was another tasty yum to help bring back the feeling to my mouth again.

I was too busy with meetings all day to post this, but I had furikake wasabi salmon. Grandma J had given this to us earlier in the week but I just didn’t have the appetite to eat it. I added in some mixed tomatoes and put French dressing into the little Hello Kitty container.

Friday Mr. Pikko went to work and actually brought me home Gina’s Korean Miso Soup, which I had been craving but couldn’t have due to them closing down their Waipahu location. *sob* I felt so gross and uncivilized after being at home for a week that I actually moved my take-out miso soup and veggies to the nicest dishes I had and ate them off that, just to feel normal again.

Anyway, hopefully I’m back to normal. I won’t have a bento tomorrow as I’m going to a work assembly. It’s 5:30 PM, I’d post more, but I want to go home!

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Last night was the season premiere of LOST and I have to admit that I was very happy with what I saw. Last season was such a drag to watch and the only redemption in the whole year was the finale with the flashforwards. Without spoiling anything, the premiere continued on this flashforward trend and with that, has brought life back into the series. And boy did it need it. Manual labor cracking rocks? Locked in cages and tricked into having sexy time on camera for your doctor crush to see? It really did sound like some silly fantasy a girl has as a teen. Hot doctor/hot bad boy love triangle on a remote island. Oh yeah, baby, who didn’t wish for something like that when they were 13? I sure as hell did.

Okay now that I’ve got my schoolgirl fantasy confessions out of the way, we can move on to my lunch.

Last night Grandma J made Teriyaki Wasabi Salmon, a recipe which I actually remembered to ask her for this time! Woohoo! And even better, I have a picture of her to share with everyone. The majority of my bentos contain the food she so lovingly cooks for three families, so I think some credit is due. She protested the picture, but Mr. Pikko insists that under the surface she likes it. So if she meets us with a screech this afternoon, I’m so blaming it on him.

I’ve also decided to start referring to her as “Grandma J” because when I named the pic of her “MIL”, Mr. Pikko’s brain did some flipflops because it’s too close to “MILF”. Anyway, this is her! She’s holding up a cookbook on the page with the recipe for the salmon, which follows:

Teriyaki Wasabi Salmon

1. Drizzle salmon with Mr. Yoshida’s teriyaki sauce. (or other teriyaki sauce)
2. Spread mayo on top of salmon. If desired, mix some wasabi into the mayo.
3. Sprinkle Aji Nori furikake on top.
4. Place in microwave safe dish and microwave on high for 5 minutes. Check the salmon and if needed, cook for another 2-3 minutes.

Pretty quick, huh?? I am not a wasabi fan at all, but I tried the wasabi one (she makes with and without) and it tasted really great. It had the wasabi taste, but not the hotness. It’s a quick 10 minute recipe, give it a try! ^_^

I forgot to mention that my ear is still swollen. I’d done the Neosporin and it seemed to help, but then last night I was cleaning my puffy ear when I realized that I was cleaning it with eye makeup remover. GOOD JOB, ME!

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Last night I called up my brother to go out for dinner so we could talk about my wonderful 2008 year. We met at Ala Moana and ate at California Pizza Kitchen. Yes, we have those in Hawaii! lol

I was going to order the Chicken Piccata, which I really enjoy, but then saw that they had a new salmon dish with pasta and ended up getting that. As usual, it was mega freaking huge and I could only eat about a third of it. This is one of the best parts about my diet with Weight Watchers: I really learned to watch my portions. Last year I probably would have snarfed that whole plate down no problem and then shared a dessert with someone. No more! 😀

So anyway, I have a rather large lunch today, haha! The pasta is very lemony, but I still love the taste. The salmon was perfectly crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. I’m really sorry that I picked at both ends of the salmon because it makes for very weird looking bento fish, don’t you think? It’s got this little missing piece, like some bento monster came by and said HMMMM, SALMON!!! and took a bite. *sigh*

On the side is some yummy asparagus. Anyway, I’ve got a lot to do today. Happy lunching everyone!

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Last week Friday I can’t even remember why I didn’t blog my bento, which shows how the holidays are taking a toll on my sanity in addition to the transition to the new job and a Fan Festival writeup that is now over 3 weeks overdue. I had leftover Beef Brocolli.

It didn’t have much color so I just put a few star shaped carrot slices onto the middle of it. It’s a very easy way to brighten up a bento and so quick too! I have some Christmas shaped mini cookie cutters I’d like to try out on my bentos in the coming weeks, but I’m not sure what I’ll cut out just yet.

Yesterday we went to my cousin’s son’s birthday party and they had food catered from a place called Tanioka’s in Waipahu. The food was really good!! I totally snarfed down about 3 meals worth of food like the horrible WW cheater that I am lately. I bounce between 125 and 128 all week and at the end I can usually end up right back at 127. If I were to finally go back to my diet I think I’d have no problem getting to 120 at last, but I’ve just been so lalala lately that maintaining this way just seems a great way to have fun with food.

Anyway, we had leftovers to take home and I packed a lot into my bento because I didn’t want it to go to waste.

In the back is some sliced steak. On top of that are two mochiko chicken wings, which though I know are so horrible for you, tasted oh so good. In the middle I have rice with little slices of baby carrot decorating them. Tucked next to that is a piece of lumpia and then a salmon patty. In the little yellow tulip bottle I put some soy sauce for the lumpia. I added the tomato and celery for additional color!

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As you can tell from the salads and lack of rice lately, I’m really trying to get back into losing weight. After finding out that I weigh 9 pounds more than ImperialNinja, my co-admin at Allakhazam, I really must get those last few pounds out of the way. There’s mayo on this, but maybe only a tablespoon or so, which makes this a 2 point lunch I guess?

I’ve been really bad with cucumbers this year. I love to eat them but I always forget about them and by the time I’m ready to eat some for lunch, they’re already going bad. This seems like an odd salad, I know, but I’m going to make it even weirder! I have a hard time eating salmon without soy sauce, so this is going to be a salmon/soy sauce/salad, haha!

Yesterday was a pretty bad day for me, but we got 3 batches of bad news so hopefully that’s the end of it. First, Randy Couture resigns from the UFC. To people who don’t watch, obviously this news doesn’t mean much, but I enjoy UFC and I was very sad to hear this as Randy was one of my favorite fighters. Then, my boss pulls me into his office and lets me know that he only has enough funding to keep me around for 3 more months. Yeah, mad bummer. The icing on that assmatastic cake of lame was that I got into a little fight with my mom. We made up, but it still sucked ass obviously. Anyway, like I said, I hope that’s the end of all that.

You think having a cute lunch blog would look good during an interview? ^_-

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A few months ago my mother in law had brought back from one of her sorority group meetings a recipe book that contained all of their best recipes. She’s been trying recipes from this book this week and last night tried an easy microwavable Furikake Wasabi Salmon. The salmon steaks are topped with mayonnaise, wasabi, drizzled with Mr. Yoshida’s sauce (this is a brand of sauce), and then sprinkled with Aji Nori furikake. I did not eat this last night as they’d also bought some pork eggplant and beef with black beans that I couldn’t resist. I just love eggplant dishes so I ate mostly that for dinner!

I didn’t take much rice, so this will only count as 1 point. On the right side I have more of the above-mentioned eggplant and some of the bell peppers from the beef dish. The eggplant was rather oily from the pork, so I’ll add another point on for that. The salmon was a bit oily too, but since this oil came from the salmon itself, I count that as a healthy oil. The mayo I will add another point, which brings this to a 3 point lunch. By the way, the (102) is the number of my bento. I need to keep better track!

I went to Marukai yesterday and learned it pays to scour every aisle up and down for things. Their bento accessories section has been lacking for the past 3 trips I’ve made down there but this time I was able to score on some really cuuuute bento boxes!! I’ve used it in today’s lunch and here it is all covered up:

Isn’t it beautiful!? A complete steal at $1.99! And best of all, it’s made in Japan. With all the China recalls lately even I am getting paranoid about all China products. I saw a lonely four boxes hiding in between stacks of silly useless looking plasticware. I snatched them all up! I will sell one on eBay and have two to sell for $2.99 in my store, though I haven’t taken a picture. Actually, if you’re interested in it, you can simply e-mail me at pikkopots at gmail.com and place a reserve on it, then pay with PayPal once I confirm I still have it available. I have a matching drawstring bag for both of them, also $2.99. I took the photo on a matching furoshiki that I found buried under a box. It was only $.99 because it was out of the package and dirty and gross. I figured I can always wash it…

I also got another good cheap find yesterday. Today Baby Girl needed to wear a certain color and she didn’t have it, so we went to Ross after leaving the in-laws. I found a set of red and blue silicon baking cups for $3.99! That’s a lot cheaper than the $8.99 ones I saw at Walmart and at least this one had two colors! So yeah… very happy. I also bought a walking at home exercise DVD because Mr. Pikko has expressed concern about me running in the dark.

Speaking of the store, I added in more of the Hello Kitty stuff again as well as some additional accessories. I have a crapton of bento supples to sell in the store at home but am just too lazy to put a lot of it up. Amazingly, Mr. Pikko, who calls everything to do with any of my hobbies my “junks” refers to my bento stuff as “bento stuffs”. Maybe he silently approves??

Tomorrow is the big day! Our first football game of the season! I bought Buddy a #15 toddler shirt and Baby Girl a UH windbreaker jacket so that she wouldn’t get cold wearing the cheerleader outfit. This is our first year with season tickets so I really hope that we are sitting in a family friendly area. We bought staff tickets which should up the chances of getting seats by old timer football fans. I just hope they don’t mind kids. So while I’m talking about football, I should mention the horrifying new haircut that Colt Brennan has.

Dude, we get you love Hawaii, but who got you drunk and took you to the barber? I suppose it’s still better than the dreadlocks though… Also, unless he plans on looking at his feet everywhere he goes, when he puts his head upright the Hawaiian islands are upside down… Oi ya yoi!

I’m looking forward to our first football bento. I think I will pack cone sushi, dashimaki tamago, spam musubi, and hash patties. There will be 6 of us there with the two kids. We’ll see if we actually get to watch the game or if this will be another season of “I want to go walking.” and “I want a smoothie.” Hopefully they have andagi this year!

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