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This past weekend Baby Girl won two passes to an advance screening of Penelope. Since it was enough for 4 people, we made a Girl’s Night Out of it and she and I went with my niece and Grandma J. We got there way too early, so we went to the nearby shoe store to buy sandals. The movie was really cute, I liked it! James McAvoy was really hawt, but then I went to look him up and found that he was that creepy fawn from the Narnia movie. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and adored Mr. Tumnus in the book, but he was just so icky and badly cast. So my advice to him is to stay away from fawn roles and stick to hot-gambling-addict-with-a-heart-of-gold roles. I found it amusing that this movie takes place in what is obviously London, but none of the main characters had British accents.

I didn’t have a bento yesterday because we had our free lunch at Hanaki. The food was good, but I ate too much. 😦 Back to healthy business today…

I had to come up with something to use up the assloads of shrimp I STILL had left in that neverending salad from Costco, so I thought this up last night while falling asleep. I sprayed Pam into a pot (I’d used it to boil the noodles and didn’t feel like using two dishes) and threw the shrimp in, then the asparagus, then put in some garlic salt. I added olive oil and the noodles, tossed them around, and voila! An all Core pasta bento! The noodles are whole wheat spaghetti, which is allowed on the Core diet as long as it’s just one serving. The olive oil is a healthy oil and you’re supposed to eat a teaspoon or tablespoon a day on Core. I couldn’t remember if it was teaspoon or tablespoon so I decided it’s better to go with the lesser amount… I cut a little grape tomato in half to decorate it.

I put my name into one of those boxes at a smoothie store and “won” 30 free day at 24 hour fitness. I had to squeeze into a tight schedule of what sounded like several other “winners” to meet with the membership hustler tonight. I had a membership once long ago but was too intimidated by the place. I figure if I get a free month I should check it out again.


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Last night I called up my brother to go out for dinner so we could talk about my wonderful 2008 year. We met at Ala Moana and ate at California Pizza Kitchen. Yes, we have those in Hawaii! lol

I was going to order the Chicken Piccata, which I really enjoy, but then saw that they had a new salmon dish with pasta and ended up getting that. As usual, it was mega freaking huge and I could only eat about a third of it. This is one of the best parts about my diet with Weight Watchers: I really learned to watch my portions. Last year I probably would have snarfed that whole plate down no problem and then shared a dessert with someone. No more! 😀

So anyway, I have a rather large lunch today, haha! The pasta is very lemony, but I still love the taste. The salmon was perfectly crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. I’m really sorry that I picked at both ends of the salmon because it makes for very weird looking bento fish, don’t you think? It’s got this little missing piece, like some bento monster came by and said HMMMM, SALMON!!! and took a bite. *sigh*

On the side is some yummy asparagus. Anyway, I’ve got a lot to do today. Happy lunching everyone!

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