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I woke up this morning thinking it was Friday, so I became very bitter when I started eating my Cheerios and realized it was actually Thursday. Then I came in to work and turned on my computer thinking it was Friday again. Then I went to heat up soup and the thought of it being Friday snuck into my head again. Despite this stupid day insisting on being Thursday, I declare it Friday.

Unfortunately this means I will have to come in to work on “Saturday”, but for today, I think I can live with that.

Since I was in a bad mood over this day thing, I didn’t do much for today’s bento. I had take some of the beef tofu dish leftovers and re-cooked it this morning with added tofu, then just plopped it in with rice from yesterday that Buddy never ate.

The veggies in the middle are bamboo shoots and onions. I didn’t cook it, Grandma J did. 🙂 Very yummy, like a beef version of pork tofu but without the thickening. I still have to make my katsu sticks! >.<


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This morning I tried an experiment. Having fallen asleep early AGAIN, I had to wing it and decided to fry the poke I had sitting in the fridge. I cooked rice, fried the poke, added some green onions from my garden, then set them both on the side. I fried up some sweet onion, added this Hawaiian Honey glaze by Aloha Shoyu, a bit of mirin, and then put that on top the rice. I put the poke on top, added parsley, and I was done!

I have no idea how good this will taste, but it certainly was fun to make something up! I’ve made the fried poke before though, so at least I know it won’t taste bad. I keep meaning to do more Harumi book recipes, but I haven’t had time to go to the market to buy the things I need. I’ll definitely try to do some specific shopping for her recipes this weekend.

People seem confused over the Dreamland thing even with my demented recap yesterday and I think this is due to the absence of a picture of the thing the eggs go into.

This thing is what you put the eggs into and what you insert the space makers in. You see the little plastic stubs on the side of the cylinders? That’s how you lock it in! I know it’s confusing. I’ll try to take pictures next time I work on it. 😀

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