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I haven’t had a bento since last Thursday and this is due to the cold from hell. On Friday Buddy had it pretty bad and so I stayed home to watch him. Unfortunately I picked it up from him and for the last 3 days I’ve felt that confusion, “Am I hot? Am I cold? I have a fever, yet I have chicken skin, wtf?” My head has felt like it was going to explode and Mr. Pikko has been hacking away next to me like coughing is going out of style. Thankfully, I do not have a cough, but he definitely does it enough for both of us. I don’t feel enough like a bitch to tell him his coughs are making my headache worse.

As if this cold wasn’t bad enough, my kids were taken in the night and replaced with little demons. Buddy has had what my sitter called “Night Terror” which basically means he shrieks his head off every hour and cannot be comforted. Picking him up is only wise if you enjoy hard kicks to your exceptionally tender stomach. This does wonders for our heads, obviously.

Add to that, I have committed many dastardly crimes against my sweet children. Mommy must learn the following when she feels better:

1. Mommy shall not declare it “brush teeth time” while Curious George is still on.
2. Mommy shall not fold jelly bread in half.
3. Mommy shall not threaten to delete The Rugrats Movie off the TiVo.
4. Mommy shall not give her children Apple Jacks in a play food bowl because it is “too small”.
5. Mommy shall not give milk when asked for milk, for her children really wanted juice.
6. Mommy shall not refuse to read Where The Wild Things Are more than three times in a row.
7. Mommy shall not pick out the wrong pink shirt to wear to school.
8. Mommy shall not say for the third day in a row that she’s been too sick to go buy more milk.
9. Mommy shall not pour into the green cup instead of the blue cup.
10. Mommy shall not state that it is “too dangerous” to turn around while driving to look at every pair of Fruit Loops miraculously stuck together.

I write this down now so that when I’m 90 years old and driving my children insane, I can say, HAY KIDS, go look at my blog entry on April 29, 2008, you’ll see why I’m so demanding!

Last Thursday before we became deathly ill we actually went out with some friends, which is now causing me to wonder if this is bachi for actually going out without our kidlets. D: We met at Yakiniku Million, which was an old haunt during the college days. Back in the late 1990s this place was that hole in the wall place that had some godly dish that everyone had to have. All of us would drool on the drive down (with the exception of one guy who was made to sit in the trunk of the hatchback since we only had one car) at the thought of their side order meat jun.

Millions had, hands down, THE best meat jun in town. All of us would order the same thing: side order meat jun. Sometimes we’d bring someone new and he’d order BBQ chicken and we’d look at him like he had two heads. They served it with a lettuce leaf and sometimes one last piece would be hiding under there, which was so awesome we started hiding a piece under the leaf just to have a surprise at the end of the meal. Then somehow, somewhen, they changed cooks or something. The meat jun is still really good, but it just doesn’t have that legendary taste that I remember. My current favorite is now O-Bok, at Manoa Marketplace. No sauce needed.

We ate with a different set of friends this time so we actually did order Yakiniku. I think this is Combination B or something:

Cooking the food on a grill:

Yakiniku is something Mr. Pikko just doesn’t get. He says he goes to a restaurant to get fed, not to cook his own food. He rescued both of us and ordered two side order meat jun.

There’s the meat jun in the middle. We ended up getting three plates because in the midst of the talking, our friends said, “Hey, this meat jun is pretty good!” Notice the lack of lettuce leaf though. 😦

I wasn’t really big on their sides as it was the fancier fare of Korean sides. I much rather have the take-out type veggies: bean sprouts, kim chee, mac salad, cabbage, chop chae, etc. Legendary meat jun missing aside, the food was still great. I was pretty relieved that I wasn’t the only one that took about half an hour to understand what the smoke vent was for…


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First off, lunch from yesterday!

We met at the UH Campus Center and ate at Yummy’s Korean BBQ. I got a MINI bbq chicken plate. Yes, people, that there is a “mini” plate. People here eat so much frickin’ food that you can now buy a “mini” plate of too much food for just $6.95. Seriously, when did we get to be such porkers? I was too scared to think about what a full size plate looked like. I skipped the rice to get an extra veggie side. I ended up getting chop chae (the noodles), bean sprouts, and choi sum. Veggies at Yummy’s is really good. I think I’d put them second behind Gina’s sides.

Today I took the day off to take Baby Girl to an allergist and was very sad to hear that he was prescribing adrenaline shots for emergencies because this means my daughter is one of those kids you hear about that can die from food allergies. He made this very clear to me, hammering into my head that she can go braindead in minutes… Not that I mind a doctor like that. I’d rather have an honest doctor than one who sugarcoats everything. We’ve got some adjusting to do that’s for sure. I figure I have at least six months of “I WANT PEANUT BUTTER TOAST!!!!!!!!!” tantrums to put up with before she accepts it. Definitely not looking forward to those. I’ve already hidden the Costco-size jar of Skippy…

With this rather sobering news, I decided to fill the prescription in Mililani Town Center, where I knew there was a ramen shop. I dropped it off and headed over to Genki Ramen.

I decided that I was getting into a miso ramen rut, so picked something new and ordered their Mabo Tofu Ramen. I left my brain at the allergist’s office and realized I was sitting in a cash-only restaurant with only a dollar in my purse, so I had to tell the waitress to hold my table while I went to go get more moolah. When I came back, my ramen was waiting for me.

I really enjoyed this! It tasted like mapo tofu yet still had a ramen-y soup taste to it. It was slightly spicy and the noodles weren’t too thick. Ever since I ate at Kiwami Ramen I’ve found that I don’t really care for fat noodles too much. As I was eating this reporter guy was going around talking to people about the Town Center, so after I was done I gave him my card to come read my blog. This was only the second time I’d eaten at Genki Ramen but the first time was so long ago I don’t remember what the food was like. It gets two thumbs up from me now!

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I passed out last night with 8 Easter Baskets unfinished and so it was a good (well, not all good) thing that Baby Girl woke up this morning at 5:15 am to announce that she’d wet her bed. We finished them together and she so kindly topped it off with a nice big tantrum/meltdown. I can’t wait til these “Tantrum Threes” are over as lately I can just about see the edge of the cliffs of sanity.

There we have it, all 17 baskets. Now my brain can rest easy. One had no tag cause I forgot the name of a kid. 16/17 is still good though…

With all of that going on, I had to rush this bento and managed to finish in 10 minutes. Go me!!

We ate food from Jang Su BBQ last night. This place is at Waimalu Shopping Center and though Kim Chee still has my favorite food, Jang Su’s food is pretty good. I took some of the chicken and bulgogi (thin bbq beef). I put some nori paste onto the rice because I just bought a bottle of this recently. I looooove nori paste. They have different types, I think plain, mushroom, and bonito. Since I’m allergic to mushrooms this is the bonito one. Sooo good on rice.

The bulgogi had a lot of fat on it but since I refrigerated it, the fat was white and hard and very easy to just pluck off. Much easier than staring at a piece of hot meat not knowing which is meat and which is fat. Tucked in with it are cucumber pickles and a baby carrot all sliced up. I only put it in for color, I have a whole bag of baby carrots to eat too. I bought one of those Costco baby carrot bags. You know, the one so huge you could mistake it for a Longs bag? (Longs Drugs bags are bigger than supermarket bags, thus are win.) Anyway, I’m in a Carrot Race right now to eat them all before they go bad.

I missed Idol last night and hadn’t even watched Tuesday’s show. I dunno why but I’ve lost a lot of interest in this season suddenly. I’m still pulling for David Archuletta and Ramiele Malubay, but I just got so bored with the show. Mr. Pikko says its because of the two weeks of Lennon/McCarthy and I think he’s got something there. I mean, they made great songs, but they’re very mellow and not very exciting. I don’t get how they expect the kids to MAKE a mellow song exciting. Survivor was on last night, but I’ll have to watch it tonight! I hope Cirie is finally gone! I despise her for getting rid of Yao Man.

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Happy Friday, everyone!

Today I have for lunch the Korean BBQ leftovers from Wednesday. I used my red bunny lacquer box because it was a nice, compact size and tall too, so it fit everything in nice and tight.

I put some furikake on the rice to help hide all the brown juices that leaked onto it from the BBQ chicken. I sliced the chicken to make it easier to eat and then put the veggies in on top. It looked really dull, so I sliced up some carrot very thinly and tucked it in to give it more life. A very simple fix and the bento looks more colorful!

I am happy to say that I am the prowd owner of Kokua Festival tickets, which will be featuring… Dave Matthews! Woo! This will be his first ever concert in Hawaii. Should be fun! 😀

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Yesterday before the meeting, we went to eat at Kim Chee 7, which is my favorite place to eat Korean food. They have really great kim chee here, especially the daikon pickles, which are pictured below on the left. On the right is their regular kim chee, which I didn’t like before, but now love. In the two little bowls are their onolicious meat jun sauce. SO GOOD!

I had the lunch special, which is a combination plate of meat jun, bbq chicken, mandoo, and vegetables. I don’t really care for their plate veggies all that much, it’s really the only weak part of Kim Chee restaurants. If you want the best bean sprouts namul, potato, cabbage, and taegu you have to go to Gina’s. Usually I dump the cabbage into the kim chee sauce in a little attempt to make myself more of that yummy stuff.

Before the people who pay attention to my dieting completely flip out, I did not eat all of this. I ate all the meat jun and a small part of one chicken. The rest will no doubt show up in a bento tomorrow. I ate very little rice, so it wasn’t too bad.

Work parties and meetings are proving to be a constant interruption to my bentos! lol Today is Chinese New Year and so we had a team meeting + potluck. I bought some pork hash from Chun Wah Kam this morning.

This is a very beautiful salad made by my boss:

We also had another Chinese chicken salad, pasta salad, cantaloupe, watermelon, a spicy shrimp and pepper dish, curry manapua, pie, almond float, a noodle dish, choy sum, and some sticky rice with meat. My plate:

As you can see, I was pretty good, even though it was a lot of food. I took from both salads, the shrimp dish, half a manapua, choy sum, and fruits.

I hope no one is getting annoyed that I’m posting regular food here now. I just figure that bentos aside, the food we eat here in Hawaii can be just as interesting. I bet I make my ex-Hawaii mainland dwellers drool too, haha!





By the way, the teacher gave an exceptionally glowing review of my darling spawn, leading me to the conclusion that I am the proud mother of the Teacher’s Pet. It was a combination of the “she defends the littler kids from bullies” and “she’s like a leader in the class” comments, the fact that she gets to sleep next to the teacher’s desk, and the story she told us on the way home about how the other kids go out to play and she stays in class with her best friend and they eat gummy bears (A whole package, Mommy!!) with the teacher. Nice.

Also, I’m a bit worried about the quality of education my baby is getting here:

I’m going to have a lot of explaining to do when she watches The Secret of Nimh for the first time!!

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Yesterday we ate food from Kim Chee 7 at Westridge and that is always a winner. I packed up some of the barbeque beef, which is really good at Kim Chee. Kim Chee restaurants have the best food hands down while the vegetables at Gina’s are the best. Mr. Pikko was saying that if we could combine Gina’s vegetables with Kim Chee food, ohh that would be heaven.

Oh! And what is this next to my delicious pieces of beef? Could it be? YES! Tomatoes from my garden!!!!! They’ve been this color for several days now and I just couldn’t take it already, so I picked five this morning. The reddest ones were starting to get little blemishes on them so I didn’t want them to spoil or anything. They’re so freakin’ teeny tiny, but since I grew them myself I’m still so proud of them. I put them next to some slices of avocado and added some Kraft Free Ranch into the kitty cup for the tomatoes. They smell really great! 😀

I mentioned Black Friday a couple days ago and someone commented advertising another black friday ads site, but I saw this other one that I liked too that I think I used last year for research. To those who don’t know what Black Friday is, it’s the day after Thanksgiving, which we all know to be the “busiest shopping day of the year”. Being a last minute Amazon frenzy shopper, I’d never understood why that would be until I heard about Black Friday. It’s the day all the crazy people ditch Thanksgiving dinner to go stand in line at Best Buy, Circuit City, Toys R Us, and KB Toys in order to get the smashingly good deals only available that day.

We did this last year and went to CompUSA, Toys R Us, KB Toys, and Office Depot. I had a plan too. I’d researched a whole day and made an entire excel sheet notating what toys to get and everything and what did I do? I took it to work to look at and then LEFT IT THERE. All my careful research, hosed. Anyway, we were going over the times we’d go to the store. Mr. Pikko would go to Office Depot for a monitor and tv and I would go to Toys R Us. It was 5 pm and we were headed to his MIL’s house to eat Thanksgiving dinner. I told him we should drive by Best Buy and I bet there would be people there, to which he replied I was insane. We go there and there are at least 50 people waiting in line. Circuit City, same thing.

We ended up going to CompUSA first because they decided to hold their sale at 10 pm instead of 6 am like everyone else. We learned a few lessons right away. One: shop with a partner. The worst part about BF shopping is by far the checkout lines. One person should zoom around the store picking up things while the other stands in line. If you’ve ever been to the Pearl Highlands CompUSA you have an idea on the size of the store. Well, the line 15 minutes after they opened was wrapping around the store TWICE. Our shopping was done in 10 minutes and we didn’t get out of CompUSA until midnight.

On the way back to his mom’s house, I told him to stop by Toys R Us to check out the line. He told me there was no way people would stand in line for TOYS. Delusional man. *sigh* There were people there sleeping on the parking lot with their kids sleeping in shopping carts. We went home to nap and he brought me back out at 2 am and the line was looping all the way out to the road and curling back behind the store. I got in line, plopped my chair down, and ate my Zippy’s spaghetti. Meanwhile, these people in front of me are joined by some of their family and they start talking really loud about how KB Toys is already open and there are NO LINES. I’m wondering if this is just a ploy to get me out of line, but then they were in front of me, so I didn’t see why. After debating it for 10 minutes I finally ask one of the ladies in front of me and packed up my stuff, drove over to KB Toys at Pearlridge and sure enough. They were open at midnight and all the people at Toys R Us had no idea. I bought so many toys that I carried a bag of toys back to the car that went up past my waist. It was insane. And freakin’ cheap too!

The adventure continued with me going to Office Depot with Mr. Pikko to stand in line since I was done with my shopping by 3 am and then later to Toys R Us which ended up being a BIG mistake because the lines were ridiculously stupid. They went all the way to the back of the store and people had shopping carts stacked up a few feet taller than themselves. This year I’m just beating the crowd, heading to KB Toys at midnight and then going home to sleep off my turkey and play Wings of the Goddess.

I’ve got it all figured out, so this basically guarantees something will go wrong!

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This morning I had the latest newsletter from J-list in my Inbox and I was so devastated to read that they’ve got a booth at AX! *sob* To think I could have been bento shopping while covering an FFXI event at the same time! *cry cry*

Ok I got all my emo out, on to the bento for today!

We ate takeout from Kim Chee 7 last night and I took a piece of Mr. Pikko’s extremely oily but oh-so-good meat jun for my lunch. Kim Chee serves good everything. Their chicken is juicy and tasty, the meat jun is soft and well marinated, they have KILLER sauces, the shrimp tempura is HUGE and onolicious, and their soup and veggies are really good. My only “complaint” is that their cabbage and bean sprouts namul are nowhere near as good as Gina’s. I’ve eaten at Kim Chee 2 in Kaimuki and 7 at Westridge. I have no clue where Kim Chees 1, 3, 4, 5, and 6 are! Haha!

This is my other new box, a 2-tier piggie bento box! (pic below) It’s got a food divider, which I love. None of my other boxes have had them and I’m so giddy about it! This layer has my veggies tucked snugly into one side and that includes: cabbage, bean sprouts, daikon kim chee, seaweed, and kim chee. On the other side is more half brown half white rice with sliced BBQ chicken and the piece of meat jun. There is meat jun sauce in the little thermos.

The lower layer contains my fruits which are cherries, kiwi, and some peeled lychee. If you’ve never had lychee before ohhh, it’s good stuff. The only problem is the peeling! Augh I hate it!! My dad will just bite into the shell and eat it like that but I find that so gross cause the shell is so bitter, yech!! But even though I like lychee a lot, I’ll take rambutan over lychee any day! This paragraph needs moar !!

Here is the box all closed up and ready to go. Aren’t the lil piggies so cute? I still can’t believe I won this for one $5, what a steal!

I’ve kinda ditched my 5 points per day diet for the last few days and switched to a higher point “maintenance” allowance. I figure one week of flatlining isn’t going to make me balloon up. My class reunion is this Sunday, thank goodness I’ve slimmed down so much. It would have so sucked to be fat at the luncheon. D:

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