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Updates & Pics

I gave birth to two kids naturally without painkillers but yesterday I found out that this doesn’t completely knock me off the List of Complete Wussies. My new office is a place that promotes healthy work environments and so yesterday before a meeting I participated in a little 4 minute exercise bit. I thought eh, 4 minutes, no big deal. LOL

We did these torturous things called squats and dips. As the day progressed my legs began to catch on fire and by the time I went to bed I was wimpering like a little girl and ended up taking Tylenol. I know, pathetic. I limped all 20 minutes to work today.

I’m sorry for the lack of bento, but this week has been another tough one and I actually didn’t eat lunch for a couple days. That aside though, I only just got my camera back from my brother yesterday and today I have no bento because on Fridays my co-workers like to go out for lunch. I will probably still do lunches some Fridays, but just so people know why I might not have a bento at the end of the week I thought I’d mention it. I will definitely take pictures of my food anyway!! I haven’t eaten lunch yet today, so nothing so far.

I mentioned a trip to Hilo earlier this week. Here is a picture that I took with my mom and my grandma at the park outside of Miyo’s. Three generations! I have a picture with Baby Girl in it too, but she’s making this stink face and I think posting pics of her with black on her face is creepy anyway. Plus, my grandma is making the same stinky face.

And then there is the picture I mentioned outside BJ Penn’s gym. I wish it was a pic with BJ himself then I could tack that up with my picture with Colt, but oh well. Still get time!

KHON has been showing this frickin’ hilarious bit with Colt in it and I found it on YouTube. The dude getting knocked out is Kanoa Leahey, who is one of the hosts of Leahey and Leahey Live, a sports radio show we listen to in the mornings. I guess that must be why I find it so funny.

I just got back from doing more squats and lunges too. If I don’t update later today with pics of lunch, assume that I have died of Leg Agonyitus.

Update: We ate Korean food at O-Bok, but I forgot my camera at the office…….. /facepalm


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No Camera!!

I have a bento today, but unfortunately I couldn’t take a picture because I don’t have my camera with me, awww! I’m eating leftover tonkatsu from Sunday night with rice, bell peppers, and strawberries and blueberries.

I had a very nice long three day weekend and got so much accomplished I can’t even believe it myself. It started on Friday, which was my 5 year wedding anniversary with Mr. Pikko. We went to our usual spot, Ruth’s Chris, where I got a filet and had my first ever glass of alcohol in 28 years. I’ve never really seen the appeal in drinking and have always taken pride in my alcohol virginity, but with the year we’d been having I felt this was an appropriate time to start.

I asked our waiter what was a good white wine for a first time wine drinker and I don’t think he knew what he was talking about because he pointed me to some list of white wines and steered me to the most expensive one. I think it was called Statesbery or something. Anyway, he brought it and it tasted like ass. Or gasoline. I dunno, whatever, it just tasted frickin’ horrible. On the longass list of existing wines out there, that goes onto my “Never Again” list. It took a lot of effort to drink that danged neverending glass.

My filet was made of awesome as usual, especially since I got to have it medium rare instead of medium, which was what I’d had to have for a long time due to pregnancies and breastfeeding, etc. After dinner we went to see Cloverfield, which I thought was really good until it ended with no answers. It was a wild ride of a movie which had no real explanation, which is so typical of JJ Abrams (LOST writer). Short movie, though… After the movie Mr. Pikko suggested we go walking around Waikiki, which I didn’t feel like doing since my feet kinda hurt, but it turned out he had a big surprise for me. He’d booked a hotel room in secret and in it was my anniversary surprise! He’d bought me a dozen red roses, a bottle of red wine, a Nintendo DS, a wooden picture frame (for 5th anniversary), an ink cartridge for my printer, a new (old) ball mouse since mine is failing, and something nice to wear. *cough*

It was a very nice evening and made the year feel a lot better. The sucky part is the wine tasted just as shitty as the white at the restaurant, LOL. We woke up really late and he had one more surprise for me, which was to take me to some bar to watch UFC 80: Rapid Fire where BJ Penn would be fighting for the UFC Lightweight Title against Joe “Daddy” Stevenson in Newcastle, England. While we were there I tried some beer and while it was bitter, it tasted a whole lot better than wine did. I tried some of his Bud Light, drank a Coors Light, and then drank a Heinekin. I didn’t really like the Heinekin as it was really bitter with a strong aftertaste. I didn’t feel too different except for some tingly fingers though. The food at this place was really good though and as I expected, BJ won. He won in a very bloody and dominating fashion, which made for really good watching.

Sunday I went to the mall with my old high school friend Jean. I bought myself a nice new purse and got my ears pierced, which made the bad mood I’d been in feel a lot better. That’s another thing I didn’t have, pierced ears. Someone gave me a pair of earrings at the FFXI Fan Festival and so they don’t go to waste, I decided to get that out of the way too.

Monday was my Grandma’s birthday, so we all flew out to my hometown of Hilo to surprise her. We snuck into her house and my mom went to get her and she came out completely baffled that we were all standing in her living room, it was very nice. We went to eat lunch at this Japanese restaurant at Waiakea Villas called Miyo’s and the food there was really good! Stupid me, I forgot to take a picture of the bento meal I got. I had a combination lunch of shrimp tempura, sashimi, and sesame chicken. The sesame chicken was by far the best part of the meal. It was light, crispy, and tasted wonderful. Usually Japanese fried chicken tastes really heavy and oily, but this was definitely not the case and I’m really sorry I didn’t document it for you all to see! Next time for sure!!

Being in Hilo, I wanted to go check out BJ’s gym. He wasn’t back from England yet, but I bought a BJPenn.com women’s tanktop that says “Just Scrap Sexy” on the back, which cracks me up. I have a picture of me and Mr. Pikko (WHICH HE SAYS I CAN POST, OMG) outside the place, but that will have to wait until I get my camera back, which I forgot at my Grandma’s house. My brother will bring it back to Honolulu for me today.

For dinner I made everyone go to Cafe 100 so that I could eat a loco moco and get some gravy cheeseburgers, which I feel are the best part about Cafe 100. I am living proof that one weekend of bad eating can mess up your weight in a major way. I was approaching 123 last week and today I was 128.3!! lol Last night, I figured I was porked up so much I might as well just eat the cheeseburger, then eat nicely for a while to get it back off. I rarely go home anyway, so it’s not like I’m going to be this bad all the time. D: I’ll post my pictures tomorrow with my lunch again!

Also, congrats to my cousin Stef who just gave birth to a baby boy last week!!!

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It looks like today I will be hitting the 20k mark, which is really something for me since I’ve only had this counter up since May, making it 20,000 visits in just over 4 months! Thank you to everyone for reading and I hope you keep coming back!

Yesterday Baby Girl was adamant about eating spaghetti for dinner so we headed to Foodland to do the week’s grocery shopping and I picked up a McCormick packet of spaghetti this time instead of the usual ready made sauce jars. I had wanted to try something new but apparently before I do things like this I should be made to go back to elementary school for reading lessons as I cooked it totally wrong. I read “tomato sauce” instead of “tomato paste” and added 3/4 cup too much water. +_+ Pure genius. I figured the kids wouldn’t care so I just fed it to them kinda watery and I was right, they ate it all up. Probably because I added the magic ingredient, Kraft cheese. I was told once that this is a Big Island habit and that elsewhere it’s considered really weird. Mr. Pikko had to wait an extra hour for the sauce to burn off the extra water. *sigh*

This spaghetti is all Core because I used extra extra lean meat, olive oil, a seasoning packet, tomato sauce, and whole wheat pasta. I have some extra and will likely freeze them tomorrow into cups as Biggie has suggested on her blog. To top the spaghetti I have half a small red bell pepper thinly sliced and then topped with parsley. On the side I have the last remaining butt of garlic bread, which will count as 2 points all by itself.

On my bottom layer I have a small cup full of blueberries. Ever since I started eating them I’ve felt that they have a very familiar taste and last night I finally realized what it is. They taste just like waiwi (pronounced why-vee), which is a small guava that grows here in Hawaii. The picture on that page shows a red guava, but the ones that are more common on the Big Island are the yellow variety. I loooooooooooove waiwi. My dad knows that if he ever sees a big cluster of green ones that he should pick it for me and send it over. When I first met Mr. Pikko he took me to meet his grandpa and he had a yellow waiwi tree in his backyard. Unfortunately the dumb plant was growing into his water line so he had to chop it down. *sob*

I am a serious fruit fan and the best part about growing up on the Big Island is that we have all kinds of awesome weird fruits to eat including waiwi, guava, rambutan, lychee, starfruit, etc. What I miss the most though is hands down: mountain apple. Ohhh man. My grandma had a bigass tree in her yard and my dad used to climb the tree to pick it riddled with spiders and all kinds of gross crap. Lots of times they had worms in them but when you did get one that was free of stings and ripe… ohhhhh. It’s times like this I really miss Hilo. Take a look at this page to see some farmer’s market pictures and maybe you’ll see what I mean. Hilo may have been a dumpy town to grow up in but it sure does have it’s moments.

Ok so back to the bento, haha. I also have green grapes which we bought yesterday. Thankfully, most places seem to be stocking more and more USA produce. YaY! Next to that I have some diet horrors. A brownie cut in half so that it fit into the box on it’s side and then half of a sugar cookie. My sister-in-law baked these and brought them over, claiming they didn’t taste very good but of course she was lying, they taste like heaven. The cookies are a bit odd as they are spongy, but the best part is they taste exactly like pancakes soaked in maple syrup. I wish I could have fit a whole one in there… On the side I also have a KCCA salad and a white peach.

On the menu for tonight: teriyaki ahi with fried tofu steak! Mmmm..

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