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Gyoza (175)

I don’t really have a full fledged bento today as I ran out of time in the morning and decided to buy lunch at the little shop in my building at work. They usually always have spaghetti and pasta sounds like a good thing to eat today. I’ll probably microwave it though, as I like to have my food on the verge of singing the skin off my mouth.

I made 3 pork gyozas with furikake rice for a little “filler” bento today. I desperately need to go to the market as I have basically no fruits and just carrots and bell peppers for veggies. I need lettuce (I’d have put some under the gyoza), parsley, broccoli, berries, and maybe some shrimp.

Usually what I do for the lettuce is buy romaine lettuce. The inner, lighter colored leaves taste better, so I use those for salad. The more bitter outer leaves I keep to line my bentos. This works out really well as I don’t like to eat them, but I don’t waste them either! They make great liners for bento boxes and add so much flair to a lunch. 🙂

The Mog House went well yesterday, especially since it was Superbowl Sunday! I have to admit, I was really disappointed in the commercials. Other than the E-Trade baby ones, I didn’t really like any of the others. Some made me laugh, but they were only marginally funny imo. I didn’t really care who won since I don’t follow pro football anymore, but I’m sure once Colt is drafted, I’ll have more interest then. 😀


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Mapo Tofu

It was the strangest thing this morning. Pigs were flying around in the sky in droves! I was confused for a bit, then I realized that they were out because the University of Hawaii announced this morning that Greg McMackin is our new head football coach, meaning that UH… ***UH*** hired someone in 9 days. This my friends, is a miracle!!

The flying pigs make my bento today very fitting because 1) it’s got pork in it and 2) it went flying.

I love my MIL’s mapo tofu because it’s tasty, moist, and not spicy. I added shelled edamame and grated carrot for color so that put together with the pink container, it would make the food look more attractive. Unfortunately, when I took it out to the car, I made the fatal mistake of placing the bento box onto the top of the car where I ALWAYS forget things.

We didn’t hear it fly off so I don’t know where it is, but this box is presumed lost which makes me so sad because it was a wonderfully shaped box and one of my matching Putifresh containers. I’m hoping that it is just sitting nicely in our parking stall at home, but I won’t kid myself. **sigh** I didn’t even figure it out until I got to work. Clearly I accidentally packed my head into my lunch this morning along with the food.

I think to console myself I will have to go down to Marukai and buy myself some new bento goodies. Bwahahaha!

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The ending of the first quarter at Saturday’s game had us all stunned. We sat there in muted horror, unable to grasp what was going on. DOWN 21 to nothing? Was the scoreboard wrong? WERE THE WHITE JERSEYS A JINX??!?!?! (I seriously thought this at least 50 times)

And it rained. It was as if Hawaii was weeping and we were all bathed in its tears. We couldn’t seem to get the ball past the 50 yard line. I took Buddy walking down to the other side and I talked him through the next drive. Colt will pass and the ball will go there. It happened. Again and again Buddy and I walked down and I whispered in his ear each time where the ball would go and that this was the drive we’d finally score on. And we did! He got a real kick out of me screaming and hoisting him up. He’d grin ear to ear and laugh and laugh and laugh.

It was truly a wonderful and memorable experience. I’ll carry the memories of that game with me forever, just as I still carry the memories of that last catch of the Fresno State game years ago. When we scored to finally bring ourselves up we were screaming so much and so excited. Then to see the Huskies down at their own 4 yard line… it was too much. The thought of having to suffer through overtime was horrible!! Everyone was screaming “DEFENSE” but I was screaming, “PLEEEEEASE!” I really thought they caught that last pass, then to see it just bounce out of his arms and into the hands of Mouton… I thought I was dreaming.

I know the black box over her eyes is creepy, but Mr. Pikko is a privacy stickler. Just pretend they’re sunglasses!

The kids were a real handful at this game and the monster sized Disneyland lollipop I bought for Baby Girl reeeeally came in handy, but we know that 10, 15 years from now our kids can happily say they attended that football game. And we have proof too! We watched the ESPN broadcast later and we’re in a crowd shot at the end of the game. YaY! I look grouchy, but this is due to having to carry Baby Girl for almost the entire 4th quarter. That will make any person sour, trust me.

And the Warriors are bound for the SUGAR BOWL!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!! GO WARRIORS!!!!

My mom came over to attend the game with my brother and they were in yellow CC, which I think was a good view even if they were in the nosebleeds. She dragged my brother down to Chinatown to get some char siu and spare ribs from her favorite place for Chinese food, Nam Fong. If you’ve never been to Nam Fong it’s a little shocking at first. It’s a really gross, bare place and the guy just takes it off the hook in the window and chops it for you right there. The char siu is SO good tho, I tend to nibble on the way home and that’s a bad idea. It’s possible to just stand at the container and just eat and eat. Anyway, I have some for lunch!

I have with it a flower shaped onigiri with ume in the middle, then a small piece of corn, char siu, spare ribs, and some sakura carrots. And in case anyone is still curious about my weight, I’m still maintaining at 127! 😀

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Game Day!!

Tonight the University of Hawaii Warriors play what is arguably the most important game in the history of the school. Washington has a terrible record, but we have so much to lose. I’ve been walking around with my head on backwards since yesterday because of the anticipation for this game. This morning Buddy shocked me by picking up a football and yelling, “GO BOW!!!” I was so stunned! Anyway, it’s almost lunch and naptime, then it’s off to the game for us. GO WARRIORS!!!!!!

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I wasn’t going to make a bento this morning either because my two devils were giving me complete hell for refusing to give them Goldfish crackers for breakfast. Surround sound screaming with PMS on the side makes me go insane, but then I had a sudden inspiration for a bento and I found that making it really calmed me down.

I call this a sandwich kit, mostly because making it into a sandwich beforehand would have looked rather boring. I cut one slice of bread into two Christmas trees using a cookie cutter then arranged it on top of some chopped Romaine lettuce. To go into the sandwich I have the last of my kim chee crab and some sliced avocado. I added in some black olives and the last of my tomatoes (which I picked this morning) for snacking and to make it look more attractive.

I wish I had more to blog, but I’m still so busy I can’t even think! I have to get a lot of stuff done to transition to my new job. Plus I am totally stressing about this weekend’s game. GO BOWS!!!

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As any Hawaii resident knows by now, the University of Hawaii Warriors are the WAC (Western Athletic Conference) Champions!!!! The game against Boise was last Friday and it overtook the Fresno State game I attended years ago as the most adrenaline pumped game I’ve ever attended at Aloha Stadium. There was a point during the game when the stands were just electric and the shouts and screams were deafening. It was truly magical to be there. This picture will be too big for my blog, but I wanted to put it up anyway:

We started chanting B-C-S and that gave me chicken skin! I feel so good for Colt and so happy that he came back. The season was looking kinda bleak with the injuries and all but now it just seems like this was all he could have hoped for. Baby Girl got into it too. I’d hoist her up and her job was to scream and wave the shredded ti-leaves we had. I can’t wait for this week’s game. GO BOWS!!!!

Last night I had to make something that I thought Buddy would gobble up because he’s sick and hasn’t been eating much so I made pork tofu. It was a lil lacking in taste so I think next time I’ll use Kikkoman instead of Aloha. I’m also out of onion powder so I need more of that… It’s the only way I can sneak the taste of onions into food because Mr. Pikko has the Ultra Onion Detector 3000 built into his tongue.

It looked real plain, so I picked some of my last green onions and cut them up with my scissors. When we had severe rains a couple weeks ago I looked out at my plants to see my poor green onions floating in a pot of water. They’re still alive though, miraculously.

A KCCA salad, yay. This was all nice and good until I realized that I forgot to pack LETTUCE. hahahaha! So I guess I’m having this as sides instead of a salad. Good job, me!

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YaY! Bentos are back! Well, only one for this week like I mentioned, but hey. Better than nothing!

My trip was ten kinds of awesome. I got to meet hundreds of people, signed 3 autographs, took pictures with Square Enix big wigs, and got to watch the UH vs. Nevada football game at the ESPN Zone restaurant in Downtown Disney with some random guy who JUST so happened to be from Mililani. He was even on the same plane ride home as me. Hawaii: too small! I don’t know what his name was, but I thank him for being there. Watching those last two kicks wouldn’t have been nearly as fun if he hadn’t been there pacing around and jumping and screaming with me!

Today I’m having leftover pork chop with cabbage and rice. On the side I have a salad with some fancy pants greens that my MIL says she bought at Sam’s Club. They’re really yummy!! In the little blue container I have some Catalina Free dressing.

Tomorrow of course, is Thanksgiving. I’m going to try out a recipe for potato salad from the Harumi Kurihara book that I got. We’re ordering from Zippy’s this year, so I’ll let all you Hawaii folks know how that turns out. Last year we ate from The Willows and not sure if I’m remembering right, but I didn’t like their sides at all. I don’t remember the turkey. That must be bad right? lol

Friday is Black Friday and although I was going to skip it for Wings of the Goddess, the PC version of the game got messed up and won’t be here until tomorrow or Friday. I’m going to try my luck at CompUSA tomorrow night. If not, I will brave the BF crowds at Gamestop. I have no idea how their stores are on BF, but I guess I’ll learn won’t I??

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