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YaY! Bentos are back! Well, only one for this week like I mentioned, but hey. Better than nothing!

My trip was ten kinds of awesome. I got to meet hundreds of people, signed 3 autographs, took pictures with Square Enix big wigs, and got to watch the UH vs. Nevada football game at the ESPN Zone restaurant in Downtown Disney with some random guy who JUST so happened to be from Mililani. He was even on the same plane ride home as me. Hawaii: too small! I don’t know what his name was, but I thank him for being there. Watching those last two kicks wouldn’t have been nearly as fun if he hadn’t been there pacing around and jumping and screaming with me!

Today I’m having leftover pork chop with cabbage and rice. On the side I have a salad with some fancy pants greens that my MIL says she bought at Sam’s Club. They’re really yummy!! In the little blue container I have some Catalina Free dressing.

Tomorrow of course, is Thanksgiving. I’m going to try out a recipe for potato salad from the Harumi Kurihara book that I got. We’re ordering from Zippy’s this year, so I’ll let all you Hawaii folks know how that turns out. Last year we ate from The Willows and not sure if I’m remembering right, but I didn’t like their sides at all. I don’t remember the turkey. That must be bad right? lol

Friday is Black Friday and although I was going to skip it for Wings of the Goddess, the PC version of the game got messed up and won’t be here until tomorrow or Friday. I’m going to try my luck at CompUSA tomorrow night. If not, I will brave the BF crowds at Gamestop. I have no idea how their stores are on BF, but I guess I’ll learn won’t I??


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A Quick Hello!

Hi bento fans!!

I’m just writing a quick note to say that I’m back home safe and sound, but haven’t had the time to get back into the bento groove yet due to how much work I have left to do. My trip was awesome, I had a great time! If you want to check out my pictures you can do so here:


I may or may not have a bento tomorrow, but I have the day off Friday for football, so I’ll have at the most only one bento this week. Yesterday I called in sick due to exhaustion and today I just didn’t have time to do one. Check back soon!

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Sorry for the late post folks! My computer at home is out of commission to help repair our poor sick Series 3 TiVo and then this morning I had training to do for work. This is actually a bento that Mr. Pikko packed for me last night!!! OMG OMG OMG! lol

Of course, I had to do some cosmetic rearranging because the corn was sprawled all over the rice and I ate a little bit of it for dinner and all and he put the cover on upside down and stacked the lower tier on top, but overall the food was very nicely packed. What a guy!

Our FFXI radio show debut last night was riddled with audio issues but overall I was happy with how things went. We had a few weird silences here and there but I still got a lot of good feedback and people seemed to enjoy the show. Next week I will only have one bento as I am taking Wednesday-Friday off for Fan Fest and Monday is a holiday.

I might end up working something out with the people that have orders open with me as I have had zero time lately to do the bento store. 😦

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The Mog House

No bento for me today as I had a job interview (more on that in a bit) and then have to work on learning the broadcasting program for the radio show I’m starting tonight.

So I had a job interview at 10 am at UH. Yeah, had. I’m leaving the house when I slam the door and immediately I’m like OMFG my keys are in the house. *sigh* My MIL had to come drive out here with our spare house key to help me open the house had I rescheduled for tomorrow. Not a very good first impression…

Once again, tonight we’re debuting our FFXI radio show, The Mog House, on Online Gaming Radio. To tune in simply go to the website at 6 PM PST and click on Listen Live! It’s recommended you also join our chat as we tend to discuss what’s going on in there during the broadcast. Wish us luck!

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Last night as predicted, I didn’t feel like making a pumpkin pie. The good news though, is that I now have ground ginger! My mother in law lent me her bottle. I’m told I have two days to use the pumpkin before it goes bad, so we’ll see what happens tonight.

We had tonkatsu for dinner and I took home two pieces for Mr. Pikko, who was home sick again. He didn’t eat all of the second piece so I sliced it up and took his leftover rice as well.

In the little green container (which was a gift from one of my bento customers!!) is some tonkatsu sauce. I included the three tomatoes for color. I should have added some carrots too or used the orange sauce container instead, but I was in a hurry. I peeled some sections off the cucumber before I sliced it to give it that look.

In my second layer I have some sliced persimmon on the left. On the right side is a mixture of pomegranate seeds and blueberries. A very healthy fruit layer!! 😀

Tomorrow I start off hosting a gaming radio show on the net at Online Gaming Radio. Yet another reason why I’ve been going cuckoo lately. The show is about Final Fantasy XI and is called “The Mog House”. It will air live every Wednesday from 6 to 9 PM PST. My co-hosts are two of my fellow administrators at Allakhazam, ImperialNinja and Exodus. If you’re into FFXI and are bored around this time, please tune in! Shows are available later as podcasts. To listen in just go to the Online Gaming Radio website and click on “Listen Live” at the specified time.

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Me and Baby Girl went to Costco on Saturday before the reeeeally soggy weekend kicked off and boy did me and her go fruit crazy. We bought a huge tub of big blueberries, persimmons (which we tried in store), a set of 4 pommelos, and a tray of gigantor pomegranates. Pomegranates are one of my favorite fruits to eat and each tray had 6 mega big ones. I was scared I’d waste a couple, but I ended up eating 3 this weekend alone, hahaha!! No need to worry about fiber now!

I’d seen a recipe by Nigella Lawson where she combined pulled pork and pomegranate seeds, so I thought I’d try something similar with the leftover teriyaki pork chop from last night’s dinner.

I sliced up the chop cold this morning and arranged it on top of an entire romaine heart head of lettuce. I added some of my tomatoes (which are backing up) and then sprinkled pomegranate seeds on top. It added a nice bit of color and I was pretty happy with the way it looks. I didn’t pack any dressing as I don’t think it’ll be necessary.

It rained and rained and rained and on Saturday night it was thundering like crazy. I just so happened to peek out at my plants and saw that the rain was coming down so hard that my green onions had been uprooted and were floating around in rain water 3 inches thick. lol I’ll have to make some tamagoyaki to save them from being wasted.

Being rained in, we decided to clean house, which meant I had finally run out of excuses to start folding the laundry in the crib, where we have been dumping clean clothes for the last 3 months or so. After at least an hour, I still hadn’t dented it, probably because I was folding like 200 little shirts and onesies which took up very little space. I did learn that we could forget to do laundry for the kids for a month and they’d still have enough clothes to wear.

I also baked two pumpkins in order to make fresh pumpkin pie. I went to Foodland to buy some pie crusts, came home, baked the pumpkins, then realized that I did not have ground ginger. Cursing myself, I put the pumpkin pulp away where it will probably rot before I have the motivation to make it into a pie again. I had used another Allakhazam admin’s blog post about roasting the pumpkin and there’s this one part where she mentions that cutting the pumpkin in half is “hard“. This is apparently the way Alaskan people say, “You need a freakin’ AXE to get this pumpkin open.” Really, I’m surprised I have all my fingers today.

Fan Fest is next. freakin’. week. After working all day Sunday on my costume, I realized that I wasn’t going to have enough time to finish it. *SIGH* I have to work on something else for everyone and the briault is just not going very well, so I have to abandon it. *sob*

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I went to Sephora yesterday to get a makeover and this nice pregnant lady named Maria helped me with a makeover then took me shopping. By the time I got to the register, the bill was a heart attack inducing $254!!! I got back down to earth when I got home and picked out three things that I’m going to return, which brings my purchase price down to a more reasonable $170. Still enough to cause my wallet to burst into tears, but I’ve been feeling for the last 6 months or so that I’m too plain and wanted to at least learn how. So… I’m happy. I just have to practice application now. -_-

My life has been consumed with Fan Fest and my bentos have been made in auto mode lately. I can’t wait til this is finally over, then I can think about things other than FFXI and databases and websites and booth promotions and costumes etc etc. I’ve been slacking so badly on bento orders and for that I sincerely apologize. Fan Fest is just 3 weeks out, hopefully I survive until then.

Today’s bento took me a shockingly quick 15 minutes to make. I had rice leftover for the onigiri but the nori face was frustrating me. I guess certain brands of nori just don’t cut well. The chicken I let cook in Yoshida’s sauce overnight on low, so it was pretty difficult to cut and still get them in nice pieces, they kept falling apart! My MIL usually cooks them in the sauce, adds a little water, then thickens the sauce, but I didn’t have time to thicken the sauce so I ended up with what just looks like Shoyu Chicken. Still tastes good tho! The broccoli I heated up water in a pyrex and then let them sit in the hot water for a few minutes and the carrots and tomatoes were put in for color.

My second layer picture is terribly blurry and not very exciting, but it will taste great and give me a nice spicy boost after lunch!

Total points for this bento is 1 for the onigiri. The chicken is made from boneless skinless, trimmed thighs so I didn’t count it, though I suppose I should. 2 points? ^_-

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