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I bet a lot of you have been like, ZOMG, where the hell are the bentos?! Maybe Bento 200 KILLED PIKKO! Ahhhh!!!!


I’ve just had a slew of lunches this week. As I mentioned, Tuesday we went to a Thai restaurant. I ended up not taking any pictures because we ate family style and I didn’t know all of the people very well and I thought they might think I’m some kind of freak if I busted out my camera to take pictures of our food before they were allowed to eat it. Plus, the lighting in the restaurant was quite poor. The food was great though! Our waiter was very entertaining and at the end, he brought us out this heaping plate of ice cream on top of warm sticky rice. It was a truly wonderful dessert and we asked him what it was on the menu and he said he’d made it up right there, which I admit kind of disappointed me because I thought it would be a regular dessert I could get at any Thai restaurant. I was very happy that only a couple of the dishes were spicy. I can’t handle things that make me want to call the fire department on my mouth.

Wednesday one of my co-workers took me to a birthday lunch, which was really nice. We walked up to Manoa Valley and ate at a little Chinese restaurant called Asia Manoa. I had a Chicken with Vegetable plate that tasted really good. I don’t know why, but they served it with I swear, half a pot of rice. My eyes practically fell out of my head when they brought it to the table. I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said it was around 4 cups cooked rice.

Thursday we had our monthly work potluck, which I have pictures for after my bento.

Last night we had meat loaf, which I’ve found to be one of the most difficult things to bento. Then I realized that I could do this food TODDLER STYLE! Toddler style means you chop the food up into little itty bitty bits and mix it all up together with rice. This isn’t a bad idea for bento really, since you can mix it all up, add garnishes, and bing! Nicer lunch than you might have had with a hunk of hamburger. Though I dunno about eating the carrots to be honest. Carrots and ketchup just isn’t something that sounds good to me. Maybe I can just lick the ketchup off and then eat the carrots? Anyway, that’s what’s in the main section.

On the side I have cucumber kim chee, takuan sprinkled with roasted sesame seeds, and pickled eggplant.

On to the potluck!

First up is salad from The Boss, made with I think Nalo greens, avocado, and a Costco chicken! With the chicken I didn’t need any dressing, which is always a bonus in my opinion.

Next, we have some ham and turkey wraps, which were REALLY good. I love wraps, but the meat in these were the thin sliced deli kind and were really tasty. I had two. >.<

Here we have some pork tenderloin, which was really good! I love stuff with black pepper, that’s one spice I really don’t mind.

This is a wonderful Salmon and Egg salad with cheese sprinkled on top. Really tasty! Next to that is my bowl of Healthy Rice. I brought my rice cooker in to work so that I could make it fresh here before the potluck. I ate way too much of this stuff. >.<

Here’s a veggie platter alongside a cabbage/celery/apple salad which I really liked, though I hope the mayo was light! Next to the veggies was another salad and then a chocolate cake in the back from Safeway. That was good stuff! 😀

Lastly, we had some really good banana muffins. I’m not sure what the banana slice on the top meant, but I took one without and it had yummy bits of apple in the middle. Maybe the banana slice one had nuts! If so, I should have taken one, I love nuts.

This has been one heckuva bad eating week, but thankfully, I am still at around 130. This is still not good, but better than I thought. I’ve been thinking about making a gigantor batch of Cabbage Soup from the Cabbage Soup Diet to eat during the day to fill me up so I snack less.

Before people freak out, I realize that the Cabbage Soup Diet is only water weight loss and not fat. I did it once a few years ago and despite the need to use the bathroom every 15 minutes, I thought the soup tasted pretty decent and the recipe itself is basically all vegetables, so it’s actually all Core anyway. I just have to tweak the seasonings enough where I like it a lot and I’ll have a large supply of something to eat whenever I get salty tummy rumblings. Plus it’s not like I’m giving up bentos, this is just something to eat on the side.


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Tomorrow is a holiday for us state slackers, so if all goes well, Bento #200 should land this Thursday. I’ve finally decided what I want to do, but am not going to say what it is so that it is a nice surprise for everyone. And just so that it will be more impressive, I made a really crappy bento today. LOL

In reality, I was just lazy. I slept in a bit and didn’t start making my bento til it was like 7 AM. I have a teriyaki hamburger patty, cut in half to make it lay out nicely. Next to that, some cucumber pickles and garlic pan fried asparagus (in garlic salt and olive oil). I filled in some space with some chopped up egg whites, more leftovers from Easter. To make it not look that horrible, I added some sakura shaped carrots. Hopefully those distract you guys enough. I put soy sauce in the tomato bottle to eat the egg with.

I bounced down a bit to 128.8, so hopefully I can keep up a good thing this week with increased work exercises, walking, and being good in general. I think my problem for the last few months has been that I adopted this really bad “Hey, I’m skinny now, I can eat wutevas now.” mentality. Someone commented that I shouldn’t obsess over my weight, but instead pay attention to how my clothes fit. Good advice, only my pants ARE getting tighter, so I do need to get back on track. I am happy to report that I successfully dodged the box of Truffles some evil person brought in to work.

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Living in Hawaii you tend to get used to the whole “small town, small state” thing where everyone seems to have a friend who knows this person who is related to this person who is real good friends with your next door neighbor or something like that. Hilo is especially notorious for this because it’s such a small town but it happens here in Honolulu as well. Take for example the fact that one of my readers works at the same campus as me or that one of my FFXI linkshell members is a mere 10 minute walk from my office. A real shining example showed itself today though!

One of my co-workers here calls me over to her desk to show me an e-mail from her sister and it’s got the picture of me and Colt in it. I was looking at it thinking, Err… HUH?! Turns out she found my blog, figured out I work at UH, realized her sister also works at UH, thought to ask whether she knows me, and turns out she sits right here in this office with me. We were all cracking up about it. Hi Cindy! Thanks for reading! ^_^

Today I have for lunch the turkey croquette bento I mentioned yesterday. I cut it in half so that it would fit into the box nicer, shoved a tiny bit of white/brown rice into the corner, and added broccoli, sweet potato, carrots, and cucumber kim chee. The cucumbers were being really stubborn because they’re big fat pieces, so I sliced it thinly to make them more cooperative and that worked out pretty well.

There are times when my kids drive me completely insane and I blame this for the evil mommy that comes out of me occasionally. I don’t know if it’s just me and my parents goggles, but sometimes my kids make the most hilarious frickin’ faces when they’re sad and I crack up laughing. Sometimes when I’m thinking straight I try to hide it, but most of the time I burst into giggles or cackles about it.

Take for instance dessert the other day. Grandma J bought a box of these Skinny Cow fudge bars (which, at 50 calories per, rock by the way) that my kids are now addicted to. Buddy loves them and shared one with me. He couldn’t bite it very well so would only come away with little nibbles. When Baby Girl had one to herself, he of course wanted some. Since he was only skimming the surface of the pops, I told her to let him have some since he can’t bite off much anyway. She holds it out and he comes over and CHOMPS off a good 1/3 of the bar, leaving her with this look on her face which I think was a mixture of shock and being on the verge of tears. I’m still getting the giggles picturing it now.

Anyway, I told him he should give some back, kind of as a joke. But kids sometimes listen in a very literal sense and so he spits it out, nibbles off a bit, and gives it back to her, melted chocolate and spit and all. Of course, she took it and ate it immediately. lol

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I made teri beef for dinner on Sunday so that’s what I’m having for lunch today. I made spaghetti last night but decided I will freeze the leftovers into single portions like I’ve seen on Biggie’s blog before. This is assuming that I remember to do it though… My mom wanted to eat sashimi, so we bought a couple of ahi fillets and she sliced it up nice and pretty for us on a bed of lettuce. Tofu was on sale, so I bought some of that too. My kids thought it was completely hilarious to pick up a tub of tofu and put it in the wagon, so they started doing this over and over while giggling uncontrollably. My mom thought she weeded them all out, but when we got to the register, we found one last soft tofu tub hiding under a bag of green onions.

I have a small bit of furikake rice to go with the beef as well as Okinawan sweet potato, a grape tomato, some thin slices of cucumber kim chee, eggplant pickles, cucumber pickles, sashimi, and tofu. I added a little shoyu fishie on top of the tofu. I squashed it down so no doubt when I eat lunch, there will be a funny fish imprint on the tofu, haha!

I am happy to report that my ear is no longer infected. Out of all the advice people gave me I think the one that worked was to stop cleaning it so much. I cut it down to 2 times a day instead of 3 and that seemed to help a lot. Two more weeks and I can wear other earrings!

I just realized that I am only 16 bentos away from #200! Augh! I have to come up with something!! **brainstorm begins**

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I went to Sephora yesterday to get a makeover and this nice pregnant lady named Maria helped me with a makeover then took me shopping. By the time I got to the register, the bill was a heart attack inducing $254!!! I got back down to earth when I got home and picked out three things that I’m going to return, which brings my purchase price down to a more reasonable $170. Still enough to cause my wallet to burst into tears, but I’ve been feeling for the last 6 months or so that I’m too plain and wanted to at least learn how. So… I’m happy. I just have to practice application now. -_-

My life has been consumed with Fan Fest and my bentos have been made in auto mode lately. I can’t wait til this is finally over, then I can think about things other than FFXI and databases and websites and booth promotions and costumes etc etc. I’ve been slacking so badly on bento orders and for that I sincerely apologize. Fan Fest is just 3 weeks out, hopefully I survive until then.

Today’s bento took me a shockingly quick 15 minutes to make. I had rice leftover for the onigiri but the nori face was frustrating me. I guess certain brands of nori just don’t cut well. The chicken I let cook in Yoshida’s sauce overnight on low, so it was pretty difficult to cut and still get them in nice pieces, they kept falling apart! My MIL usually cooks them in the sauce, adds a little water, then thickens the sauce, but I didn’t have time to thicken the sauce so I ended up with what just looks like Shoyu Chicken. Still tastes good tho! The broccoli I heated up water in a pyrex and then let them sit in the hot water for a few minutes and the carrots and tomatoes were put in for color.

My second layer picture is terribly blurry and not very exciting, but it will taste great and give me a nice spicy boost after lunch!

Total points for this bento is 1 for the onigiri. The chicken is made from boneless skinless, trimmed thighs so I didn’t count it, though I suppose I should. 2 points? ^_-

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After two days of sickness and a weekend of last minute naughty food gorging, I’m back today on the Core diet to lose the last 10 pounds to reach my goal.

On the left side I have some shrimp and in the little yellow container there is cocktail sauce to dip them into. I didn’t get to photograph the egg too well, but this is from one of the new egg molds I mentioned last week. Next to the egg I have cucumber kim chee, then some small carrot sticks, and two small blocks of tofu. I’ve got a fish with soy sauce for the egg and the tofu, but now that I think about it I should have brought a piggie cause the fish isn’t much sauce. Guess I’ll eat the egg with salt!

I’ve also got a kim chee crab and avocado salad. I took a picture this time since it’s been a while and people may not know what it is when I say KCCA. Foodland sells at their deli Kim Chee Imitation Crab and since it’s spicy I use that along with avocado and romaine lettuce to make a dressing-free salad.

I’m starting this new phase of my diet at 129.5 pounds, so let’s see how well I do by the time Fan Fest rolls around!

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Last night I made oyako donburi for dinner and Mr. Pikko classified it as an “overeating food”, which means he really loves it. It’s a fairly simple recipe and credit goes to my Mom for this one. She’s got some real winners and this one is definitely in her top 3.

I’ve packed with it a small amount of rice, which makes it about 1 point. The amount of sugar that goes into the entire dish is very little, so I don’t count it in my portion. The kamaboko doesn’t count for much either, but I’ll give it 1 point. Everything else is Core, so this is 2 points total.


2 boneless chicken breasts, cubed
1 small sweet or Maui onion, chopped
1 pink kamaboko, julienned
1/4 cup soy sauce (I use light)
1/4 cup mirin
1 tablespoon sugar
5 eggs, scrambled
Green onions, chopped (optional)

1. Fry chicken until half cooked and set aside in bowl.
2. Fry onions and kamaboko for 1/2 minute.
3. Add soy sauce, mirin, and sugar. Add chicken back to pan.
4. Simmer 5 minutes then add scrambled eggs. Let it simmer on low until eggs are cooked, stirring it gently if necessary. Serve over hot rice. Garnish with green onions.

Since Mr. Pikko will turn into a 2 year old and throws tantrums at the slightest sign of onions, I have to use onion powder and nix the green onions all together. I like the green onions because they add a lot of color to an otherwise very brownish looking dish. If he wasn’t on such an anti-onion crusade, I’d add them in before the eggs. Garnishing works well too though.

The box I used is the same one as the black bunny one I posted earlier (which I am now out of). I have two of these if anyone is interested. I also have two small tamagoyaki pans for $2.99 each. These exact same ones sell on eBay for like 10 dollars! I’ve added both items to the store today. And yes, I have that EXACT same pan in that auction. And yes, I bought it for $1.99.

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