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I got an e-mail this morning from someone at Chow.com telling me about a Food Discovery contest they have going on right now. I wrote up a quick entry about bentos and kim chee crab salads, so make sure you vote for it to keep it visible! There’s no need to register! Any votes are appreciated!

Yesterday Grandma J made Yoshida’s Sauce Chicken. I asked her for the recipe once. The words that came out of her mouth were basically, “I put chicken in some Mr. Yoshida’s Sauce and a bit of water.” LOL I think she thickens the sauce at the end, but other than that, the name of the recipe is pretty much the recipe itself. I’ll have to clarify how long she cooks it and on what heat, but I assume it’s cooked on low to get it really soft. It’s by far one of my favorites of hers.

My rice looked really plain and white and I have had furikake on my rice a lot lately, so I added nori paste. Mr. Pikko finds this stuff disgusting, probably because it’s wet and black and just all-around yucky looking but don’t judge a paste by it’s color! This stuff tastes GREAT! It makes a really tasty onigiri filling too.

Next to that I have corn with illegal tomatoes sitting on it. Illegal tomatoes?? Yes, illegal tomatoes. I think I’ve mentioned the wild cherry tomato plant in my yard. That thing is going wild and is giving tomatoes like crazy. We’re not allowed to grow things in the ground at our place but I’ve let it go nuts for a couple of months now. There are a couple that even fell to the ground because I forgot to check it, so it’s possible I’ll have a serious tomato plant problem soon. I picked all of these this morning, so they’re quite fresh. Aren’t they so cute?? I wish I could grow a regular garden in the ground… that one plant is doing like 50x better than my potted ones did. Someday!


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It’s been miraculously sunny on Oahu for the past, I dunno, five days or so? It was getting to the point where on a day of sun you go out of the house and say, “Wait wait wait, what? IT’S NOT RAINING!?!” But then as soon as I’d go to fiscal or something, I’m about to go out the door when I hear roaring rain outside.

Someone mentioned an ice storm yesterday and I started joking that my brain couldn’t process such a term. Ice is in your water or soda! Ice is what you eat when you go to Baldwin’s or Waiola Shave Ice! It doesn’t STORM ice!

Anyway, point is, the seasons we have in Hawaii are basically “Sunny” and “Rainy”, but if I had to break it down into four pidgin seasons, I’d say:

Winter = “Stay Sum Cold Outside”
Spring = “Get Choke Rain”
Summer = “Frickin’ Hot”
Fall = “I No Can Stop Sweating”

Today I have this three bowl contraption that I bought at Price Busters. I’ve used a green one before for my salad kit once long ago and have had this pink one sitting around in a cabinet for quite some time since. I finally busted it out to carry some soup to work. I have here some Chicken Long Rice, made by my MIL.

In the main dish bowl I have some green salad with grape tomatoes, which I dripped with 4 drops of Caesar Italian Lite. Then I have beef cutlet, rice, and corn. In the Hello Kitty bowl I put some katsu sauce.

In my last bowl I have fruits. I cut two kiwis, half an orange, blueberries, and raspberries. Adding the oranges really brought the other three fruit colors together. I was really happy with how it turned out. To cut the orange I sliced it in half, then made half moon slices, then cut those in half to make little triangles.

As most people know, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. I just got back into posting my lunches at LiveJournal and of course, the bento challenge for this week is a V-Day theme, so I have to think today how I want to do my entry tomorrow! My eggs expire tomorrow, so maybe I can implement tamagoyaki somehow…

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Yesterday I started my new job at UH and it was a very nice first day! All the people that I met are great individuals and my boss is the greatest. Our office is just renovated (an old anatomy classroom that stored bodies, omg!) and my desk is brand spanking new. I’ll try to take a picture of it today or something. I have increased responsibilities, which is something I’ve yearned for. 2008 is looking like it will be a good year work-wise.

My lunch today is an oven baked chicken thigh with rice and corn. On the side I have a small piece of banana cake I made earlier this week and some mega huge blueberries I got at Costco yesterday.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I had a pretty rough and emotional Christmas, but things are looking up now. I’d go into details, but I don’t want to paint my blog in blue. I’m getting excited about the Sugar Bowl coming up in just 4 days!! GO WARRIORS!!

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Sorry for the late post folks! My computer at home is out of commission to help repair our poor sick Series 3 TiVo and then this morning I had training to do for work. This is actually a bento that Mr. Pikko packed for me last night!!! OMG OMG OMG! lol

Of course, I had to do some cosmetic rearranging because the corn was sprawled all over the rice and I ate a little bit of it for dinner and all and he put the cover on upside down and stacked the lower tier on top, but overall the food was very nicely packed. What a guy!

Our FFXI radio show debut last night was riddled with audio issues but overall I was happy with how things went. We had a few weird silences here and there but I still got a lot of good feedback and people seemed to enjoy the show. Next week I will only have one bento as I am taking Wednesday-Friday off for Fan Fest and Monday is a holiday.

I might end up working something out with the people that have orders open with me as I have had zero time lately to do the bento store. 😦

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I am now on Day 5 of wild and crazy busy week. I can barely find the time to think lately, I’m even forgetting to blog! D: Last night we ate May’s Teriyaki Chicken thighs, which I think is a Hawaii brand of foods. They make wicked teriyaki burgers too! Anyway, I packed some up and put it on the dashboard when we were putting the kids in the car. I forgot we were on a slope and the tupperware came skateboarding down onto my seat and crash landed in a violent frenzy of rice, corn, and chicken. I screeched and picked it up immediately, but Mr. Pikko still felt the need to say, “Don’t worry, the only thing that goes there is my ass.” Well, gee, thanks dear! Anyway, that’s why I put the “Butt” in the title. It fell under the 5 second rule, so it’s all good, right?!?

I added in some edamame and an umeboshi. The box I used is actually quite ugly, I bought it simply for the nice food separations inside the box. Not that it mattered today since in my haste to get into the car this morning I dropped my bento bag, causing it to land upside down. *sigh*

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I’m one of those market shoppers that go with a list but then grab things that look good or things that are on sale and as a result I have a freezer that requires grunting to close because it’s so full of frozen foods that I may one day use. This morning I decided to actually USE some of it and fried up one curry croquette and one veggie croquette. These are quite yummy and easy to make. All you do is deep fry them, I like to use a tiny little pot so that it covers the whole patty yet doesn’t use up a ton of oil.

Last night I made teriyaki beef for dinner and we ate it all, but still had a lot of rice left so I was a bit generous with my rice portion this morning. I topped it with Seto Fumi furikake then put the croquettes cut in half on top of it. To add color I put some little carrot sticks and some corn.

Yesterday I mentioned that I would be mailing orders out, but as we were driving to the post office Mr. Pikko asked me if I wanted him to try picking the three Hayden mangoes that he had seen at his gramps’ house the other day. Dangle Hayden mangoes in front of me and I lose all rational thought, so we went to try to pick them. Turns out the mango tree hates short Japanese people and we couldn’t get the picking stick high enough to get them. By the time we were done with this futile attempt, we had to just hele onto the freeway to pick up the kids in time. My in-laws come back today though, so I will be able to go this afternoon for sure. I apologize for the delay. ; ;

Too bad for me that this morning I started cooking dinner for tonight, not realizing that we weren’t even going to be eating at home. So now I have mochiko chicken marinating and we’re not going to eat it. What I’ll do is fry it tonight, freeze it, then defrost for the Charleston Southern game on Saturday. This will go along great with the plan I have for the onigiri. You’ll see what it is! I’m terribly excited to do it!!

In my hasty post yesterday I forgot to mention that the UH football team won against UNLV Saturday. We’re now 3-0! It was pretty hilarious to see the big Hawaii crowd because they were mostly old Japanese people retired in Vegas. Someone even had an old Rainbows banner! If you didn’t know, Vegas is the Florida for Hawaii. That’s where people retire to.

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My two kids are going through a tornado phase right now and I’m still getting used to it. So when I asked Mr. Pikko to watch them so I could take a nap Saturday morning, I was a bit… unnerved to wake up and find that the big Costco pack of Kirkland toilet paper we had bought was busted open and used in a toilet paper fight. Also, the books on the shelf were thrown out, the mail on the table tossed about like confetti, there were tiny little papers all over the floor because Baby Girl was “playing with scissors”, and lego blocks were all mixed in between for color.

All this mess was of course enough to make my brain explode, but I think there is a good side to me having to clean the house on a daily basis. For some reason this weekend I lost a lot of weight. I was 125.7 this morning! Or maybe it’s more sleep? Well, whatever it is, I’m happy. Carry on kids!

I’m really unhappy with my bento today as it was done in a rush and simply don’t like the way it’s put together. Mr. Pikko was all cranky with me this morning for taking a long time so I’ll definitely have to do this at night all the time now. I’m sick of rushing in the morning anyway.

On the left I have a dog shaped onigiri with a dog shaped slice of turkey with a nori face on top. I have the onigiri mold and cutter to make both these shapes along with the bunny and bear shape available in the store right now. Under the doggie I have two slices of fish cake made by my MIL and given to us before she left. Next to that I have two Aidel’s teriyaki pineapple chicken meatballs cooked in Mr. Yoshida’s sauce. Then I have corn in a Miffy cup and an orange bell pepper stuffed with Laughing Cow Light Swiss cheese, something I’ve seen others do that I’ve wanted to do for a while.

I’m not sure why this pic came out so blurry but this is my fruit layer, which has slices of white peach, grapes, and some blueberries. It’s a funny thing about these blueberries. I am not a blueberry fan. I love all berries but have never really taken to these much. So when I took the kids to Costco on Friday, for some reason Baby Girl wanted them in the worst way. She asked me I swear, at least 50 times to buy her a pack of blueberries, insisting she loved them and that she promised to eat them. Since her word as a toddler is about as good as a year-old-expired coupon, I said no at least 50 times.

Finally though, she cracked me and I bought one. I figured I could give them a try again and lo and behold, I did like them.

And I would eat them in a box.
And I would eat them with a fox.

Yeah, it’s like Green Eggs and Ham in real life. Scary stuff. I’m eating them in a box but thank goodness I don’t really have a fox to eat them with. Or I do, but he always eats at work. Anyway, that’s why they’re in my bento today. I haven’t been able to stop eating them all weekend.

I used my pink Feel at Ease box today with the matching side container that I found in Little Tokyo in July. I have edamame in that container. The fruits were bulging out so I had to use the furoshiki in the background to tie it up tight.

I am happy to report that Hawaii won against Louisiana Tech last Saturday. It was a nervewracking game that I had such a hard time watching because I was sooooooo nervous. So much hangs on every game and to have it be that close and have so many mess-ups was very hard for a fan to watch. UNLV this weekend will probably be even harder to watch. I have a great idea for our next football bento, so stay tuned next home game for that.

As I mentioned last week, I started my Live Journal documenting my costume making effort for the Final Fantasy XI Festival coming up in November. Doing this has really got me interested in sewing again and this weekend I bought a pattern for a blouse and some materials to make my own shirts. If anyone else out there likes sewing or scrapping, I found some good coupons for shipping at Joann.com from CouponChief. They also have a good one for free shipping on baby and maternity clothes from Old Navy. I always forget to check coupon sites before I go shopping so I definitely need to make a better effort in that area. “Free shipping” are magical words to a cheapass like me.

I really wish I could stop the outlines from appearing around every single image but bleh, if that’s the price I have to pay for the nice green border, so be it.

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