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I was driving in to work this morning when I heard the radio hosts I listen to talking about a “Hawaii Chair”. As soon as I got to work I looked it up and it just about split my sides open watching it.

That is just too funny. I’m lucky I wasn’t drinking water when I saw it.

Today’s bento is almost entirely from Costco. As usual, the Costco chicken was a big part of the weekend meals and I chopped up a lot of the white meat this morning and made the lettuce wraps I’ve made before. This time I added some diced bell pepper into the mixture to give it more color and veggies.

The grape tomatoes, kiwi, blueberries, lettuce, chicken, bell peppers, and raspberries are all bought from Costco. The only thing messing up the all-Costconess of it is the two little carrot flowers. Dang those carrot flowers!! ^_^ Here’s a blurry close-up:

I ate some of the blueberries Saturday and I dunno why but they taste like they have sand in the middle. I’m debating taking them back and telling them this and getting an exchange. I know they don’t normally taste this way but I’ll see if maybe I just had a few bad berries in the bunch I picked up to eat.

I finally got some real gardening done this weekend and cleaned up all my dead tomato plants. While I was pulling weeds I discovered that a stray tomato must have fallen to the ground and then had the seeds dispersed all over the yard because I found at least 10 tomato plants sprung up all over the place. Some had no leaves and I didn’t understand why until I found the gigantor caterpillar on a nearby plant. The most bizzare discovery though, was the little pools of shrimps. My kids have little play pots and pans in the yard that have been collecting rain water and I was about to dump one out when I noticed there was a bunch of tiny little pink “things” in it. Upon further inspection, I found that they were actually dozens of tiny little itty bitty dead shrimps.

At first I thought maybe they were there because of the little container of seashells Baby Girl had left out, but then I found more little containers nowhere near the shells container that had MORE dead shrimps. It was very weird and quite stink.

The yard looks neater now and hopefully next week we can plant some edamame plants. 😀

I noticed that a bunch of my earliest blog entries were using pictures from my Swapsonian domain, which I have basically given up hope on. I’m so pissed with Ipowerweb that I’m never using them again. I continue to pay for a broken domain and cannot get my files off the server. I wait forever on the phone and in chats and no one seems to know how to help me. Ipowerweb can SUCK IT! Anyway, I fixed the pics to use my Flickr ones.


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Today is a day that represents a fresh start to 2008 for me and so from now on I will try my best to keep my chin up and make the best of things. I was at home sick yesterday so I had no bento, but I did get a lot done at home.

For a while now my kids’ bedroom has been a real mess, full of boxes of things, toys, old clothes, my scrapbooking desk, etc. I cleaned it all out, moved the crib from our bedroom into theirs so they can sleep in there, moved my scrapbooking desk into my own bedroom, and fixed up the bed so that the two kids can start sleeping in there. Baby Girl was incredibly happy about it when she came home and thanked me over and over for it, claiming that if it ever gets messy again, she promises that SHE will clean it up. Guess the pigs are still flying outside…

This is some baked teriyaki chicken from Wednesday that I had intended to make for bento yesterday. I have a small bit of rice, some mixed veggies, and some sliced mini bell pepper. Yesterday Buddy asked for a red bell pepper for breakfast. I have no idea why. He stared at it for a couple minutes, then demanded Cheerios and proceeded to eat three full bowls. Lucky for me I actually had Cheerios.

On the side I have blueberries and a wedge of Laughing Cow Light Swiss cheese. I have a Fuji apple the size of Pluto to snack on. I was 123.7 yesterday, so I’m slowly going down in weight. I think as long as I keep up my good portioning, I should be able to reach my goal weight by the time May and the wedding comes around. Which reminds me, I have to measure myself so my friend can buy my dress…

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Yesterday I started my new job at UH and it was a very nice first day! All the people that I met are great individuals and my boss is the greatest. Our office is just renovated (an old anatomy classroom that stored bodies, omg!) and my desk is brand spanking new. I’ll try to take a picture of it today or something. I have increased responsibilities, which is something I’ve yearned for. 2008 is looking like it will be a good year work-wise.

My lunch today is an oven baked chicken thigh with rice and corn. On the side I have a small piece of banana cake I made earlier this week and some mega huge blueberries I got at Costco yesterday.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I had a pretty rough and emotional Christmas, but things are looking up now. I’d go into details, but I don’t want to paint my blog in blue. I’m getting excited about the Sugar Bowl coming up in just 4 days!! GO WARRIORS!!

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Last night as predicted, I didn’t feel like making a pumpkin pie. The good news though, is that I now have ground ginger! My mother in law lent me her bottle. I’m told I have two days to use the pumpkin before it goes bad, so we’ll see what happens tonight.

We had tonkatsu for dinner and I took home two pieces for Mr. Pikko, who was home sick again. He didn’t eat all of the second piece so I sliced it up and took his leftover rice as well.

In the little green container (which was a gift from one of my bento customers!!) is some tonkatsu sauce. I included the three tomatoes for color. I should have added some carrots too or used the orange sauce container instead, but I was in a hurry. I peeled some sections off the cucumber before I sliced it to give it that look.

In my second layer I have some sliced persimmon on the left. On the right side is a mixture of pomegranate seeds and blueberries. A very healthy fruit layer!! 😀

Tomorrow I start off hosting a gaming radio show on the net at Online Gaming Radio. Yet another reason why I’ve been going cuckoo lately. The show is about Final Fantasy XI and is called “The Mog House”. It will air live every Wednesday from 6 to 9 PM PST. My co-hosts are two of my fellow administrators at Allakhazam, ImperialNinja and Exodus. If you’re into FFXI and are bored around this time, please tune in! Shows are available later as podcasts. To listen in just go to the Online Gaming Radio website and click on “Listen Live” at the specified time.

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People have been asking me WHERE I got my nori punches and the Dreamland egg thinger from and the answer is that I found it on this website. Don’t ask me how I found that link because frankly, I don’t remember. I clicked around randomly until I saw the Dreamland item, then I asked my friend in Japan to tell me if they shipped to the US. They don’t, so he offered to buy it for me and ship it to me. Each item cost 12USD. Unfortunately, I didn’t know that he was able to send it via USPS so I was afraid of how much the shipping would be if I bought more to sell, so I don’t have any extras. 😦 I was too afraid that I’d get stuck with an item that I would end up having to charge like 20 bucks for.

Today I have two onigiri using the face punches. One looks like he’s ROFLing and the other looks like a girlie wondering what he’s laughing at! I have 3 Aidell’s meatballs along with sliced tomato and rolled up Canadian bacon cut into 3 sections.

For my bottom layer I packed blueberries, some peeled and sliced cigar mango, and some peeled and cored rambutan. My dad brought me all of this plus two fresh coconuts. Unfortunately, some Big Island wildlife came along for the ride so now I have kobais in the house. I have no idea how to spell “kobai” but that’s what we call those irritating little fat fruit flies. The Big Island way of getting rid of them is to leave out a bottle of shoyu cause those stupid bugs love to fly into the bottle and then they drown in the sauce. My brother once told me that he told his roommate this and that he was given odd looks all around. Those ceased the next morning when his roomies saw that the flies had indeed done a little suicide mission into the bottle.

The box I used to pack it can be viewed here. I found a bunch of these at Marukai and they were only 99 cents for once, so if people are interested, I’ll be putting them up on the store soon for $1.99. I have different designs on blue, green, yellow, and pink boxes. Another update on my tomato garden, they’re turning orange already!!

I’m so excited!!!

I received my copy of Harumi’s Japanese Home Cooking last Thursday and will be trying out several of her recipes over the coming weeks and tagging those entries with “harumi”. She’s got a lot of great looking pictures in there and even a small chapter on bento! This excited me a lot so I’ll have to try those out first for sure.

I mentioned that I had something special planned for the football game but it didn’t turn out quite like how I wanted so I’m going to revise my plan and post pictures once I’ve settled on something I like.

The newspapers had all been saying that Colt Brennan was going to play, but shockingly, the game starts and Tyler Graunke is the starting quarterback. His first toss, interception. We were all very disappointed but then something unthinkable happened. The HOME CROWD at Aloha Stadium begins to boo him. Mistake after mistake people keep on booing him. I simply couldn’t believe it. I mean, I’m of the opinion myself that he was doing terrible, but I wasn’t going to freakin’ abandon him and BOO him. WTF Hawaii? He kept messing up and I knew after a while people were going to start chanting for Colt and sure enough, despite a decent lead in points, the crowd starts to chant, “WE WANT COLT! WE WANT COLT! WE WANT COLT!” It was mind boggling. Heaven forbid we actually SUPPORT him. I wonder if anyone booing thought that maybe the booing was what kept him slipping up? And then to make things even worse for Tyler, the third string QB Inoki Funaki plays the last quarter and makes him look like a chump. I felt so bad for him. =\ He looked a lot better last year.

I blame the papers. They all reported Colt was playing as of Friday and I’m guessing this was to get high attendance without Colt Brennan playing. Maybe that was just what they were told, but I’m pretty sure it ticked people off. It’s sad because it means people come to see him and not the team itself, but how can you not want to see history in the making?

UH’s record: 4-0!

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Today’s post is a bit late as the second I arrived at work this morning I got a call and had to go pick up Baby Girl. So now she’s here at work with me driving me mad asking me 5 million questions an hour.

This morning Buddy woke up at 4:45 am and an hour later I got pulled in to take my turn with him. I caught him scribbling down his plans for an experiment titled, “How Hard One Has To Pull On Mommy’s Pants While She’s Cooking To Make Them Fall Down”. He’s been nearly successful and I’m positive that soon he’ll come up with a strategy to achieve victory. My bento will no doubt have crooked elements on that day.

Today I have leftovers from the weekend which is Chicken Parmigiana from Costco. I’ve gotten one before and it tastes good but I’ve never understood why the instructions say to cook it in the plastic pan. This time I didn’t transfer it to a metal pan and used it as the instructions said to and it turned out fine. I guess it’s a hardy plastic or something. I still find it odd to cook something in the oven with a plastic container.

I put some egg noodles under it and then a cup of cucumber kim chee on one side and then another cup of blueberries on the other. Unfortunately I didn’t eat much of this bento. Baby Girl wanted the blueberries and then after that insisted that she NEEDED to eat the cheese on the chicken. So I ate the cucumbers and avocado and just abandoned the chicken.

This is the box I packed it in. I finally found the fork, spoon, and cover for it. It was hidden in a little area under a table. Woot! I have a garden update from last week too. My tomato plants all have varying amounts of tomatoes and I’m very happy at the rate at which they’re growing. Soon I’ll be including lots of tomatoes in my bentos! ^_^

A close-up photo:

The only problem I see is suddenly having a crapload of ripe tomatoes to use and not enough bentos to use them in. I will have to get really creative with my tomato usage!

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It looks like today I will be hitting the 20k mark, which is really something for me since I’ve only had this counter up since May, making it 20,000 visits in just over 4 months! Thank you to everyone for reading and I hope you keep coming back!

Yesterday Baby Girl was adamant about eating spaghetti for dinner so we headed to Foodland to do the week’s grocery shopping and I picked up a McCormick packet of spaghetti this time instead of the usual ready made sauce jars. I had wanted to try something new but apparently before I do things like this I should be made to go back to elementary school for reading lessons as I cooked it totally wrong. I read “tomato sauce” instead of “tomato paste” and added 3/4 cup too much water. +_+ Pure genius. I figured the kids wouldn’t care so I just fed it to them kinda watery and I was right, they ate it all up. Probably because I added the magic ingredient, Kraft cheese. I was told once that this is a Big Island habit and that elsewhere it’s considered really weird. Mr. Pikko had to wait an extra hour for the sauce to burn off the extra water. *sigh*

This spaghetti is all Core because I used extra extra lean meat, olive oil, a seasoning packet, tomato sauce, and whole wheat pasta. I have some extra and will likely freeze them tomorrow into cups as Biggie has suggested on her blog. To top the spaghetti I have half a small red bell pepper thinly sliced and then topped with parsley. On the side I have the last remaining butt of garlic bread, which will count as 2 points all by itself.

On my bottom layer I have a small cup full of blueberries. Ever since I started eating them I’ve felt that they have a very familiar taste and last night I finally realized what it is. They taste just like waiwi (pronounced why-vee), which is a small guava that grows here in Hawaii. The picture on that page shows a red guava, but the ones that are more common on the Big Island are the yellow variety. I loooooooooooove waiwi. My dad knows that if he ever sees a big cluster of green ones that he should pick it for me and send it over. When I first met Mr. Pikko he took me to meet his grandpa and he had a yellow waiwi tree in his backyard. Unfortunately the dumb plant was growing into his water line so he had to chop it down. *sob*

I am a serious fruit fan and the best part about growing up on the Big Island is that we have all kinds of awesome weird fruits to eat including waiwi, guava, rambutan, lychee, starfruit, etc. What I miss the most though is hands down: mountain apple. Ohhh man. My grandma had a bigass tree in her yard and my dad used to climb the tree to pick it riddled with spiders and all kinds of gross crap. Lots of times they had worms in them but when you did get one that was free of stings and ripe… ohhhhh. It’s times like this I really miss Hilo. Take a look at this page to see some farmer’s market pictures and maybe you’ll see what I mean. Hilo may have been a dumpy town to grow up in but it sure does have it’s moments.

Ok so back to the bento, haha. I also have green grapes which we bought yesterday. Thankfully, most places seem to be stocking more and more USA produce. YaY! Next to that I have some diet horrors. A brownie cut in half so that it fit into the box on it’s side and then half of a sugar cookie. My sister-in-law baked these and brought them over, claiming they didn’t taste very good but of course she was lying, they taste like heaven. The cookies are a bit odd as they are spongy, but the best part is they taste exactly like pancakes soaked in maple syrup. I wish I could have fit a whole one in there… On the side I also have a KCCA salad and a white peach.

On the menu for tonight: teriyaki ahi with fried tofu steak! Mmmm..

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