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This morning I tried an experiment. Having fallen asleep early AGAIN, I had to wing it and decided to fry the poke I had sitting in the fridge. I cooked rice, fried the poke, added some green onions from my garden, then set them both on the side. I fried up some sweet onion, added this Hawaiian Honey glaze by Aloha Shoyu, a bit of mirin, and then put that on top the rice. I put the poke on top, added parsley, and I was done!

I have no idea how good this will taste, but it certainly was fun to make something up! I’ve made the fried poke before though, so at least I know it won’t taste bad. I keep meaning to do more Harumi book recipes, but I haven’t had time to go to the market to buy the things I need. I’ll definitely try to do some specific shopping for her recipes this weekend.

People seem confused over the Dreamland thing even with my demented recap yesterday and I think this is due to the absence of a picture of the thing the eggs go into.

This thing is what you put the eggs into and what you insert the space makers in. You see the little plastic stubs on the side of the cylinders? That’s how you lock it in! I know it’s confusing. I’ll try to take pictures next time I work on it. 😀


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As I mentioned yesterday, we had teri ahi and tofu steak for dinner last night. I set aside a small piece for me to cook for my bento. It turned out pretty good even though I wasn’t going by any recipe or anything. I simply cooked the tofu steaks and fish fillets in olive oil and then added Mr. Yoshida’s sauce to the pan.

I have furikake rice underneath the tofu and broccoli on the side. The little fish bottle contains extra teri sauce for me to pour on the rice when I eat it today. With the small amount of rice, this bento is about 2 points. I packed this into my newest bento box that I got on eBay, a blue Doraemon box. It’s a great size and has a food divider, so of course I love it! A picture of the box:

I forgot to freeze my spaghetti last night and I’m not even sure I’ll be able to because my freezer is ridiculously packed with stuff. This morning Mr. Pikko called me over to it and said, “You hear that? That’s the ice machine breaking.” Apparently it’s not good to shove packs of frozen gyoza and bagels into the ice tray. Who knew!? ^_-

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Well the in-laws have been dropped off and I made it down to Monarch with a ragingly mad stomach. I miraculously found parking right out front and ordered my favorite: Nori Wrapped Crab Stuffed Ahi. They normally drizzle it with a wasabi sauce but since I hate wasabi, I ordered without. Got my order in just a couple mins as I guess they have them already fried and just slice them up for the lunch rush. I was in such a hurry to get home to eat it I decided to go back out later for my errands. Anyway, pic:

I looked at it several times while at stop lights because I was so hungry and then when I got home I was struck by a maddening thought. I had no bento today. I bought my lunch. So what did I do?

I busted out a bento box and put the food in there to eat.

OMG! I know! Totally mental… I think I’ve just gotten so used to eating my lunch in a nice box that I just have a hard time eating from a styrofoam box. Anyway, here it is all snuggled into my sakura lacquer box:

I’m not counting this as one of my bentos and I’m certainly not counting the points as I’m writing this off as a monthly lunch splurge, though in truth the only points would come from the panko, the mayo in the crab stuffing, and the oil it was fried in. I didn’t eat it all. I ate barely 1/4 the rice and there’s still one piece left in the box. Still, it was a lot of food. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go flop down and die on the couch from overeating or go walk it off. Cross your fingers I end up doing the latter.

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