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It’s been raining here on Oahu almost non-stop for like a week or two, which was rather strange until we went to pick up my niece from school and saw that the Punahou Carnival was setting up shop. It’s a local joke that whenever the Punahou Carnival comes around, it just rains and rains.

I find myself constantly hungry lately and so I need to make a habit of bringing in more healthy snacks to last me throughout the day so that I don’t end up snacking on things from the vending machine like I am right now. !! I know…

I had to do some research on Weight Watchers for work and found that for Hawaii residents on HMSA or Kaiser, they are running a special where the registration fee is waived and you can get vouchers to pay for meetings. If you’ve ever thought about joining, now is a great time! The offer is valid until February 24th. Check it out here! I’m not getting paid for linking that, I just thought it’s an awesome deal and since WW worked so well for me of course I’m glad to refer people to the program. 🙂

Today I have oven baked chicken for lunch. It’s probably rather hefty in points because of the butter and thigh and crust, but it is really yummy and there was a lot left last night since the kids ate chicken long rice for dinner, so I felt bad and took a piece. I made the carrot flower because last night I was trying to think of a way to arrange the baby carrot sticks nicely and a flower came to mind. It looked a lot nicer arranged on the cutting board, but I can’t make the chicken thigh any flatter. I had no idea what to fill the side with since I forgot to take salad, so I peeled orange slices. In hindsight, I probably should have added some foil underneath so that the juice didn’t run into my chicken.

I also brought a cup of grapefruit and the corn chowder from two days ago to help fill up the rest of the day. Today we did push-ups and dips, but as I mentioned before, my arms are weak so I didn’t do very many. I’ll probably do my squats and lunges at home tonight.


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Yesterday the office peeps forgot to do our exercises, so in a shocking turn of events, I did them at home on my own. Monday I participated twice, so I did a total of 120 squats and maybe 30 push-ups, cause I’m such a weeny when it comes to arm stuff. Yesterday I did 75 squats, 60 lunges, and 40 push-ups by myself at home. And I’m not sore! Yay!

After my bad eating yesterday I’m back up to 128, but since there are no more lunch meetings this week, hopefully I can get back on track. I had taken some of my MIL’s corn chowder to eat, but I forgot to bring it in today. 😦 It’s so cold here lately, which is really nice because when its hot on Oahu, sleeping is a pretty miserable experience. By the way, by cold I am talking about “Hawaii cold”. This equals about 70 degrees or so. Yes, yes, laugh it up mainland people. I’m the one really laughing. Bwahaha!

Today I have one hamburger patty cut in half. There was empty space around it so I added some sliced up mini bell peppers for color and filler. On the other side I have a small star shaped onigiri with some chazuke sprinkles on it. I tucked in some leftover edamame that I’d defrosted the other day and then on top before I closed the box, I added a small yellow bear container full of ketchup.

It’s been about a week and a half since I pierced my ears and my right lobe is a little swollen. I keep disinfecting it and am trying to sleep on the other side of my head, but it’s still puffy and it’s getting difficult to grab the stud to twist it now. Anyone have advice on how to get it to stop swelling? I clean it 3 times a day as I’m supposed to, but it’s been like this for several days now. At least it doesn’t hurt though!

I am returning to my FFXI radio show this Sunday. Although we had moved the show at the beginning of the year to Sundays, we never did get around to doing a Sunday show. After I announced it, I realized that this weekend is Superbowl Sunday, but we are going to do a show anyway. It’ll be a little sad, since we will be short one host as our friend ImperialNinja has left us, but we’ll try to make do without him as best we can. If you play FFXI and are interested, tune in on Sunday from 2 PM to 5 PM Pacific time by going to http://www.onlinegamingradio.com. It’s been a really rough year and hopefully this radio show can bring some light back into 2008.

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Lunch Meeting @ The Willows

I have no bento today as I will be at a lunch meeting at The Willows. They have a great Hawaiian buffet and I’ll be sure to have my camera on hand this time! I don’t think I’ve ever arranged buffet food on my plate with this blog in mind, so we’ll see how I do. I think I’ll have to check everything out before I start. My co-worker and I have said that we’ll make sure we watch what the other person eats so that we don’t go crazy. This morning I was 127.7! I’ll update later tonight with photos as I forgot to bring my USB cable to work with me.


Ok, so all did not go exactly as planned. I ate a whole lot of food. Most of it was vegetables, but I still overate and then I couldn’t resist getting a little cup of strawberry cheesecake and a small piece of haupia. D:

In the middle is some Caesar salad with a couple of croutons. On the sides going clockwise starting with the pea salad is a tomato salad with mozzarella balls, a small bit of pasta salad, bean sprouts namul, misoyaki butterfish, seared ahi and tofu salad, cantaloupe and watermelon, ahi limu poke, and lomilomi salmon.

I ate everything except the bean sprouts namul, which tasted rather weird. I ate all the poke, but it had limu on it, which I can’t stand because it tastes exactly like the ocean. On the side I tried some turkey and rice soup, but that had a heavy coconut milk taste, so I decided to skip it (which is pretty dumb considering I ended up eating haupia anyway). I also had a small cup of chicken long rice, which was really yummy!!

It was a pretty darned expensive lunch and I was lucky to score this through work. The buffet price was around $29.00 if I remember correctly. They had other things that looked good like roast turkey, laulau, roast beef, chicken, and lots of other desserts, but there’s only so much room in my tummy. The worst thing I ate on this place was probably the pea salad, which obviously contains a lot of mayo, but is still really yummy! The Willows is a very nice restaurant in the middle of a lot of buildings and I had my first baby shower here. Located in the middle of a rather icky area, it’s kind of like a Hawaiian oasis.

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I had another uhh… interesting weekend this week. As I mentioned before, I drank alcohol for the first time in my life two weeks ago. All that was really left was to find out how much I needed to drink before I got drunk and so with a lot of leftover beer in the fridge from a UFC party forever ago, Mr. Pikko suggested we have an experiment.

We had some Budweiser Select and some Fire Rock Ale that our friend had left here. I drank the Budweiser first and it took me quite a while. The ale tasted better, but still didn’t taste that great. The second ale went down quicker and by the time he gave me the last Bud, I drank that in like a minute. After that one, the crappy wine we had bought didn’t taste so bad and I downed a little less than a glass all at once. I was ready for more, but thankfully I was drinking with my husband and he cut me off. So anyway, the lesson here is that anywhere else, I shouldn’t drink more than two beers because after that I become a snowball slowly rolling down a hill.

All in all, I thought it was fun, but it’s not something I’m going to do very often. The next morning I woke up really early and seriously hungry and I made a pan of fried rice (and ate half of it), drank like 3 glasses of water, then went back to bed. I woke up and weighed myself and was completely horrified to find that I weighed 129.3!!! As of this morning, I am 129.9!!! *sob* It was probably a combination of eating Korean food Friday, then sushi for dinner, plus all my leg exercises and walking, but still WTF… My pants are really freaking tight today and I’ve got to do some serious good eating for a while to get back to where I was. No more Sapporo Ichiban saimin or cinnamon bagel chips or ice cream…

Costco chickens have got to be the best thing ever because 1) they’re really cheap at $4.99 fully cooked and delicious 2) my kids actually EAT them and 3) they can last for two lunches, a dinner, and a bento. We ate at Arby’s Saturday, thinking fast food was cheaper but that came out to around $23. We ate sushi for dinner and that was around $25. Zippy’s can run around $18. With those numbers, Costco chickens win all around. I sliced this up after it had been refrigerated because when you slice it hot, it crumbles up.

Costco chicken goes really well with Nori Komi furikake, so I sprinkled some of that onto my rice. I’ve got about half a cup, so this bento is 2 points. I have some little carrot sticks and a tomato bottle with some soy sauce to put on the chicken. On the side there are chopped up mini bell peppers, which are really sweet. On top are three skewers of shelled edamame.

I bought myself a new bento box last year when I ordered an item from JList for my grandma. This one is a pale green Totoro box by Skater, who makes awesome boxes.

A Ninja Sushi just opened by where we live and I’ve eaten there twice already. They have really beautiful sushi pictures and so far I’ve had their Osaka Maki and their Tiger Maki. Once again, I forgot to take pictures. 😦

I had Mr. Pikko take a picture of me for some ZAM marketing thing, but I’m posting it here to show off my BJ Penn tank top. Too bad you can’t really see much of it, lol. The front has his face and his signature. The back says “Just Scrap Sexy”.

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Updates & Pics

I gave birth to two kids naturally without painkillers but yesterday I found out that this doesn’t completely knock me off the List of Complete Wussies. My new office is a place that promotes healthy work environments and so yesterday before a meeting I participated in a little 4 minute exercise bit. I thought eh, 4 minutes, no big deal. LOL

We did these torturous things called squats and dips. As the day progressed my legs began to catch on fire and by the time I went to bed I was wimpering like a little girl and ended up taking Tylenol. I know, pathetic. I limped all 20 minutes to work today.

I’m sorry for the lack of bento, but this week has been another tough one and I actually didn’t eat lunch for a couple days. That aside though, I only just got my camera back from my brother yesterday and today I have no bento because on Fridays my co-workers like to go out for lunch. I will probably still do lunches some Fridays, but just so people know why I might not have a bento at the end of the week I thought I’d mention it. I will definitely take pictures of my food anyway!! I haven’t eaten lunch yet today, so nothing so far.

I mentioned a trip to Hilo earlier this week. Here is a picture that I took with my mom and my grandma at the park outside of Miyo’s. Three generations! I have a picture with Baby Girl in it too, but she’s making this stink face and I think posting pics of her with black on her face is creepy anyway. Plus, my grandma is making the same stinky face.

And then there is the picture I mentioned outside BJ Penn’s gym. I wish it was a pic with BJ himself then I could tack that up with my picture with Colt, but oh well. Still get time!

KHON has been showing this frickin’ hilarious bit with Colt in it and I found it on YouTube. The dude getting knocked out is Kanoa Leahey, who is one of the hosts of Leahey and Leahey Live, a sports radio show we listen to in the mornings. I guess that must be why I find it so funny.

I just got back from doing more squats and lunges too. If I don’t update later today with pics of lunch, assume that I have died of Leg Agonyitus.

Update: We ate Korean food at O-Bok, but I forgot my camera at the office…….. /facepalm

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No Camera!!

I have a bento today, but unfortunately I couldn’t take a picture because I don’t have my camera with me, awww! I’m eating leftover tonkatsu from Sunday night with rice, bell peppers, and strawberries and blueberries.

I had a very nice long three day weekend and got so much accomplished I can’t even believe it myself. It started on Friday, which was my 5 year wedding anniversary with Mr. Pikko. We went to our usual spot, Ruth’s Chris, where I got a filet and had my first ever glass of alcohol in 28 years. I’ve never really seen the appeal in drinking and have always taken pride in my alcohol virginity, but with the year we’d been having I felt this was an appropriate time to start.

I asked our waiter what was a good white wine for a first time wine drinker and I don’t think he knew what he was talking about because he pointed me to some list of white wines and steered me to the most expensive one. I think it was called Statesbery or something. Anyway, he brought it and it tasted like ass. Or gasoline. I dunno, whatever, it just tasted frickin’ horrible. On the longass list of existing wines out there, that goes onto my “Never Again” list. It took a lot of effort to drink that danged neverending glass.

My filet was made of awesome as usual, especially since I got to have it medium rare instead of medium, which was what I’d had to have for a long time due to pregnancies and breastfeeding, etc. After dinner we went to see Cloverfield, which I thought was really good until it ended with no answers. It was a wild ride of a movie which had no real explanation, which is so typical of JJ Abrams (LOST writer). Short movie, though… After the movie Mr. Pikko suggested we go walking around Waikiki, which I didn’t feel like doing since my feet kinda hurt, but it turned out he had a big surprise for me. He’d booked a hotel room in secret and in it was my anniversary surprise! He’d bought me a dozen red roses, a bottle of red wine, a Nintendo DS, a wooden picture frame (for 5th anniversary), an ink cartridge for my printer, a new (old) ball mouse since mine is failing, and something nice to wear. *cough*

It was a very nice evening and made the year feel a lot better. The sucky part is the wine tasted just as shitty as the white at the restaurant, LOL. We woke up really late and he had one more surprise for me, which was to take me to some bar to watch UFC 80: Rapid Fire where BJ Penn would be fighting for the UFC Lightweight Title against Joe “Daddy” Stevenson in Newcastle, England. While we were there I tried some beer and while it was bitter, it tasted a whole lot better than wine did. I tried some of his Bud Light, drank a Coors Light, and then drank a Heinekin. I didn’t really like the Heinekin as it was really bitter with a strong aftertaste. I didn’t feel too different except for some tingly fingers though. The food at this place was really good though and as I expected, BJ won. He won in a very bloody and dominating fashion, which made for really good watching.

Sunday I went to the mall with my old high school friend Jean. I bought myself a nice new purse and got my ears pierced, which made the bad mood I’d been in feel a lot better. That’s another thing I didn’t have, pierced ears. Someone gave me a pair of earrings at the FFXI Fan Festival and so they don’t go to waste, I decided to get that out of the way too.

Monday was my Grandma’s birthday, so we all flew out to my hometown of Hilo to surprise her. We snuck into her house and my mom went to get her and she came out completely baffled that we were all standing in her living room, it was very nice. We went to eat lunch at this Japanese restaurant at Waiakea Villas called Miyo’s and the food there was really good! Stupid me, I forgot to take a picture of the bento meal I got. I had a combination lunch of shrimp tempura, sashimi, and sesame chicken. The sesame chicken was by far the best part of the meal. It was light, crispy, and tasted wonderful. Usually Japanese fried chicken tastes really heavy and oily, but this was definitely not the case and I’m really sorry I didn’t document it for you all to see! Next time for sure!!

Being in Hilo, I wanted to go check out BJ’s gym. He wasn’t back from England yet, but I bought a BJPenn.com women’s tanktop that says “Just Scrap Sexy” on the back, which cracks me up. I have a picture of me and Mr. Pikko (WHICH HE SAYS I CAN POST, OMG) outside the place, but that will have to wait until I get my camera back, which I forgot at my Grandma’s house. My brother will bring it back to Honolulu for me today.

For dinner I made everyone go to Cafe 100 so that I could eat a loco moco and get some gravy cheeseburgers, which I feel are the best part about Cafe 100. I am living proof that one weekend of bad eating can mess up your weight in a major way. I was approaching 123 last week and today I was 128.3!! lol Last night, I figured I was porked up so much I might as well just eat the cheeseburger, then eat nicely for a while to get it back off. I rarely go home anyway, so it’s not like I’m going to be this bad all the time. D: I’ll post my pictures tomorrow with my lunch again!

Also, congrats to my cousin Stef who just gave birth to a baby boy last week!!!

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Today is a day that represents a fresh start to 2008 for me and so from now on I will try my best to keep my chin up and make the best of things. I was at home sick yesterday so I had no bento, but I did get a lot done at home.

For a while now my kids’ bedroom has been a real mess, full of boxes of things, toys, old clothes, my scrapbooking desk, etc. I cleaned it all out, moved the crib from our bedroom into theirs so they can sleep in there, moved my scrapbooking desk into my own bedroom, and fixed up the bed so that the two kids can start sleeping in there. Baby Girl was incredibly happy about it when she came home and thanked me over and over for it, claiming that if it ever gets messy again, she promises that SHE will clean it up. Guess the pigs are still flying outside…

This is some baked teriyaki chicken from Wednesday that I had intended to make for bento yesterday. I have a small bit of rice, some mixed veggies, and some sliced mini bell pepper. Yesterday Buddy asked for a red bell pepper for breakfast. I have no idea why. He stared at it for a couple minutes, then demanded Cheerios and proceeded to eat three full bowls. Lucky for me I actually had Cheerios.

On the side I have blueberries and a wedge of Laughing Cow Light Swiss cheese. I have a Fuji apple the size of Pluto to snack on. I was 123.7 yesterday, so I’m slowly going down in weight. I think as long as I keep up my good portioning, I should be able to reach my goal weight by the time May and the wedding comes around. Which reminds me, I have to measure myself so my friend can buy my dress…

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