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I wasn’t going to make a bento this morning either because my two devils were giving me complete hell for refusing to give them Goldfish crackers for breakfast. Surround sound screaming with PMS on the side makes me go insane, but then I had a sudden inspiration for a bento and I found that making it really calmed me down.

I call this a sandwich kit, mostly because making it into a sandwich beforehand would have looked rather boring. I cut one slice of bread into two Christmas trees using a cookie cutter then arranged it on top of some chopped Romaine lettuce. To go into the sandwich I have the last of my kim chee crab and some sliced avocado. I added in some black olives and the last of my tomatoes (which I picked this morning) for snacking and to make it look more attractive.

I wish I had more to blog, but I’m still so busy I can’t even think! I have to get a lot of stuff done to transition to my new job. Plus I am totally stressing about this weekend’s game. GO BOWS!!!


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The Peas May Be Doffed

Mr. Pikko and I have come to the conclusion that our daughter is either going to win American Idol 25 or be the next Tori Amos with crazy lyrics that appear like they were read from a finished Scrabble game. After writing such lyrical masterpieces as “Cheese in the Box Doesn’t Make No Sense” and “There’s a Big Fat Hen”, she’s come up with something new which she debuted to us last night.

At least 200 times.

On the way home we were treated to her new song “The Peas May Be Doffed”, which is a stunning remix of that wonderful Christmas song a couple of you might know, Felis Navidad.

I was putting Buddy to sleep and I could still hear her yelling it in Mr. Pikko’s ear as he tried to read something on the computer.


To answer your question, people-without-kids, yes they do this. And sometimes they don’t stop until you look at them with fire in your eyes and ask them to please cease for the sake of your sanity. If you’re lucky, they’re scared enough to listen.

If you want to know how to sing with as much awesome as my daughter, when you sing Jingle Bells, end the song with “In a fun four-horned fin play!” The office people will love it, I swear.

I have no bento today since today is radio show day and I was lazy last night, still working on my 10k ding. I figured this story would be an amusing enough replacement.

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Sorry for the late posting, I’ve hit 9,999 posts on Allakhazam and I’ve been busy prepping what I’m revealing for my 10k ding. Today I had a three tier bento but don’t let the pictures deceive you, this box is actually really small, maybe 5 inches long or less. It was a plain box that I got at Marukai this summer during E3 and I added a sticker to make it a little cuter.

This is shoyu chicken made by my MIL with some white rice decorated with mixed veggies. If you’re thinking to yourself, “Geez I wonder if she placed those vegetables into her bento one by one”, the answer is yes I did. I used chopsticks. In Allakhazam IRC yesterday we were all laughing at this guy who doesn’t know how to use chopsticks. All in good fun, but I just wanted to mention how awesome chopsticks are. I even eat spaghetti with chopsticks; a habit I picked up from my friend Janis.

I packed more kim chee crab and avocado without lettuce. I found after forgetting the veggies that it’s actually not too bad without it, especially if I don’t have room in the box. I bought the avocado at Foodland on Sunday and I’m very proud to say that I chose perfectly. The next morning when I cut it open it was beautiful and the best possible texture for slicing. It looks exactly the same as yesterdays just with no tomatoes.

My tomato garden died while I was in Anaheim. Mr. Pikko claims, “Hey! I watered them!” but I have my doubts. The plants are all brown and I think they’re unrecoverable. Not too bad though, I must have gotten like 200 tomatoes out of those plants and now I have the pot space to grow edamame!! Weeeee!

Finally I had pomegranate seeds for dessert. Actually I lied, I had some godly pumpkin pie for dessert. George at work brought by some pieces of this pumpkin pie that his wife made and holy omg it was divine. I asked for the recipe and hopefully I’ll have that in my grubby little pumpkin pie loving hands soon. Yum yum!

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As any Hawaii resident knows by now, the University of Hawaii Warriors are the WAC (Western Athletic Conference) Champions!!!! The game against Boise was last Friday and it overtook the Fresno State game I attended years ago as the most adrenaline pumped game I’ve ever attended at Aloha Stadium. There was a point during the game when the stands were just electric and the shouts and screams were deafening. It was truly magical to be there. This picture will be too big for my blog, but I wanted to put it up anyway:

We started chanting B-C-S and that gave me chicken skin! I feel so good for Colt and so happy that he came back. The season was looking kinda bleak with the injuries and all but now it just seems like this was all he could have hoped for. Baby Girl got into it too. I’d hoist her up and her job was to scream and wave the shredded ti-leaves we had. I can’t wait for this week’s game. GO BOWS!!!!

Last night I had to make something that I thought Buddy would gobble up because he’s sick and hasn’t been eating much so I made pork tofu. It was a lil lacking in taste so I think next time I’ll use Kikkoman instead of Aloha. I’m also out of onion powder so I need more of that… It’s the only way I can sneak the taste of onions into food because Mr. Pikko has the Ultra Onion Detector 3000 built into his tongue.

It looked real plain, so I picked some of my last green onions and cut them up with my scissors. When we had severe rains a couple weeks ago I looked out at my plants to see my poor green onions floating in a pot of water. They’re still alive though, miraculously.

A KCCA salad, yay. This was all nice and good until I realized that I forgot to pack LETTUCE. hahahaha! So I guess I’m having this as sides instead of a salad. Good job, me!

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YaY! Bentos are back! Well, only one for this week like I mentioned, but hey. Better than nothing!

My trip was ten kinds of awesome. I got to meet hundreds of people, signed 3 autographs, took pictures with Square Enix big wigs, and got to watch the UH vs. Nevada football game at the ESPN Zone restaurant in Downtown Disney with some random guy who JUST so happened to be from Mililani. He was even on the same plane ride home as me. Hawaii: too small! I don’t know what his name was, but I thank him for being there. Watching those last two kicks wouldn’t have been nearly as fun if he hadn’t been there pacing around and jumping and screaming with me!

Today I’m having leftover pork chop with cabbage and rice. On the side I have a salad with some fancy pants greens that my MIL says she bought at Sam’s Club. They’re really yummy!! In the little blue container I have some Catalina Free dressing.

Tomorrow of course, is Thanksgiving. I’m going to try out a recipe for potato salad from the Harumi Kurihara book that I got. We’re ordering from Zippy’s this year, so I’ll let all you Hawaii folks know how that turns out. Last year we ate from The Willows and not sure if I’m remembering right, but I didn’t like their sides at all. I don’t remember the turkey. That must be bad right? lol

Friday is Black Friday and although I was going to skip it for Wings of the Goddess, the PC version of the game got messed up and won’t be here until tomorrow or Friday. I’m going to try my luck at CompUSA tomorrow night. If not, I will brave the BF crowds at Gamestop. I have no idea how their stores are on BF, but I guess I’ll learn won’t I??

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A Quick Hello!

Hi bento fans!!

I’m just writing a quick note to say that I’m back home safe and sound, but haven’t had the time to get back into the bento groove yet due to how much work I have left to do. My trip was awesome, I had a great time! If you want to check out my pictures you can do so here:


I may or may not have a bento tomorrow, but I have the day off Friday for football, so I’ll have at the most only one bento this week. Yesterday I called in sick due to exhaustion and today I just didn’t have time to do one. Check back soon!

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UH Spam Musubis

Since I had no bento today due to the holiday, I’ll be posting about my food for Saturday’s football game. The Warriors played Fresno State and the stadium was almost sold out due to UH having a “rivalry” with FSU. The game was going really good until the second half when they changed their strategy. Then in the 4th quarter, Colt Brennan was knocked unconscious, which scared 48k people silly for quite some time. We’re all still very concerned as preliminary reports had him with a “grade 3 concussion”, which everyone was googling and returning back with phrases like “out for 6-8 weeks” and “career over” and “possible permanent brain damage”. Colt’s concussion has been downgraded to a “mild” concussion, but all UH fans are of course still concerned for his safety. I really do hope that he’s as well as the University and Coach Jones say he is.

Me and my MIL got drenched in beer, so that was… interesting.

Okay so onto the food… this is the “something” that I’ve been mentioning for weeks that I have been trying out for football and finally I ended up giving up on what I’d originally planned, which was green musubis with the Hawaii H logo cut out of nori and put onto a plain triangle musubi. I found out that plain musubis don’t taste that great at games. So anyway, this time I just went for the green look in a spam musubi!

I achieved this with simple food coloring added to the rice before cooking. You guys have seen my coloring rice in my 100 bento, but that time I had added the coloring to the rice after it was cooked. I made 10 musubis from 1 can and cooked 3 cups of rice (3 cups raw, 6 cups cooked) with 5 drops of green food coloring. This comes out to the perfect amount of rice for 10 musubis. (at least, the way I make it)

We went to the zoo today and I was wiped out and ready to leave by the time we hit the reptile house. Unfortunately for me we ended up staying there 3 hours. Still, it was fun. I’m packing up the remaining bento orders tonight plus burning the midnight oil finishing some hats for the ZAM people to wear at the festival. I leave in two days!!

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