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Yesterday we ate food from Kim Chee 7 at Westridge and that is always a winner. I packed up some of the barbeque beef, which is really good at Kim Chee. Kim Chee restaurants have the best food hands down while the vegetables at Gina’s are the best. Mr. Pikko was saying that if we could combine Gina’s vegetables with Kim Chee food, ohh that would be heaven.

Oh! And what is this next to my delicious pieces of beef? Could it be? YES! Tomatoes from my garden!!!!! They’ve been this color for several days now and I just couldn’t take it already, so I picked five this morning. The reddest ones were starting to get little blemishes on them so I didn’t want them to spoil or anything. They’re so freakin’ teeny tiny, but since I grew them myself I’m still so proud of them. I put them next to some slices of avocado and added some Kraft Free Ranch into the kitty cup for the tomatoes. They smell really great! 😀

I mentioned Black Friday a couple days ago and someone commented advertising another black friday ads site, but I saw this other one that I liked too that I think I used last year for research. To those who don’t know what Black Friday is, it’s the day after Thanksgiving, which we all know to be the “busiest shopping day of the year”. Being a last minute Amazon frenzy shopper, I’d never understood why that would be until I heard about Black Friday. It’s the day all the crazy people ditch Thanksgiving dinner to go stand in line at Best Buy, Circuit City, Toys R Us, and KB Toys in order to get the smashingly good deals only available that day.

We did this last year and went to CompUSA, Toys R Us, KB Toys, and Office Depot. I had a plan too. I’d researched a whole day and made an entire excel sheet notating what toys to get and everything and what did I do? I took it to work to look at and then LEFT IT THERE. All my careful research, hosed. Anyway, we were going over the times we’d go to the store. Mr. Pikko would go to Office Depot for a monitor and tv and I would go to Toys R Us. It was 5 pm and we were headed to his MIL’s house to eat Thanksgiving dinner. I told him we should drive by Best Buy and I bet there would be people there, to which he replied I was insane. We go there and there are at least 50 people waiting in line. Circuit City, same thing.

We ended up going to CompUSA first because they decided to hold their sale at 10 pm instead of 6 am like everyone else. We learned a few lessons right away. One: shop with a partner. The worst part about BF shopping is by far the checkout lines. One person should zoom around the store picking up things while the other stands in line. If you’ve ever been to the Pearl Highlands CompUSA you have an idea on the size of the store. Well, the line 15 minutes after they opened was wrapping around the store TWICE. Our shopping was done in 10 minutes and we didn’t get out of CompUSA until midnight.

On the way back to his mom’s house, I told him to stop by Toys R Us to check out the line. He told me there was no way people would stand in line for TOYS. Delusional man. *sigh* There were people there sleeping on the parking lot with their kids sleeping in shopping carts. We went home to nap and he brought me back out at 2 am and the line was looping all the way out to the road and curling back behind the store. I got in line, plopped my chair down, and ate my Zippy’s spaghetti. Meanwhile, these people in front of me are joined by some of their family and they start talking really loud about how KB Toys is already open and there are NO LINES. I’m wondering if this is just a ploy to get me out of line, but then they were in front of me, so I didn’t see why. After debating it for 10 minutes I finally ask one of the ladies in front of me and packed up my stuff, drove over to KB Toys at Pearlridge and sure enough. They were open at midnight and all the people at Toys R Us had no idea. I bought so many toys that I carried a bag of toys back to the car that went up past my waist. It was insane. And freakin’ cheap too!

The adventure continued with me going to Office Depot with Mr. Pikko to stand in line since I was done with my shopping by 3 am and then later to Toys R Us which ended up being a BIG mistake because the lines were ridiculously stupid. They went all the way to the back of the store and people had shopping carts stacked up a few feet taller than themselves. This year I’m just beating the crowd, heading to KB Toys at midnight and then going home to sleep off my turkey and play Wings of the Goddess.

I’ve got it all figured out, so this basically guarantees something will go wrong!


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Nuggets (119)

I know what you’re thinking already. When the heck is Pikko going to use her darned fancy schmancy egg thinger!?!? I haven’t had time yet. 😦 Maybe tonight! I keep falling asleep when I put Buddy to bed and that usually hoses my entire free time for the day. I really need to stop doing that and train the little fart to fall asleep on his own again.

I got up early this morning, 4 am! Geeeez! I cooked rice but got really lazy and so I looked in the freezer and decided to use some of my Morningstar nuggets, which if I remember correctly, are made out of vegetables but taste like chicken.

Some will look at this picture and this, furikake rice? With chicken nuggets?? This bento is actually just part of my stomach’s master lunch plan. I felt like eating furikake rice this morning, but had no meat unless I wanted to eat mochiko chicken again (which by the way, my mother in law made for dinner last night!) so I used the nuggets. I’ll eat some of the rice, then use the rest to put into a can of chicken noodle soup I brought along with my lunch. So this way I get nuggets, furikake rice, and soup with rice too. Oh and carrots.

Too bad I forgot to pack fruits. Way to mess up the master plan, Pikko!

Bento orders were packed up this morning and I’ll go to the post office this afternoon.

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Today I’m breaking in a new box, my new Monokuro Boo box! This was one I bought a couple weeks ago but just haven’t gotten around to using. It’s a pretty small box and since I didn’t have too much food to put in it, it seemed like the time was right for its debut.

I used two slices of the tamagoyaki I made yesterday and made me some tamago sushi along with a roll of ume maki to use up the last of my leftover rice. To add color I put in some sliced avocado and carrot sticks.

I forgot to sharpen the image this morning before uploading so the photo is a lil bit fuzzy. I have peeled rambutan and cigar mango in the bottom layer but didn’t think it was exciting enough to photograph.

I do believe this is one of my very rare vegetarian bentos. I’ll probably end up eating some Smart Pop today to help fill the meat void. I have heard about the whole popcorn lung thing, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop eating popcorn altogether. What I have decided is that eating a bag 3-4 times a week probably isn’t a good idea anymore, so I’m limiting myself to one bag per week.

I’ve also got to somehow get my brain back onto the points system. I’ve been having difficulties ever since I dropped down past 130 because I guess part of me feels that this is the lightest I’ve been since 1997 so I’m really still way ahead of myself. I find myself still watching my portions but I no longer pay strict attention to how many points I’m eating. Still, I’ve been bouncing between 125 and 128 for the last month, so I suppose I haven’t been all THAT naughty with my eating habits.

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When it was game time last Saturday I kind of forgot all about my poor mochiko chicken waiting patiently in the freezer, so I took pity on it this morning and nuked a piece for lunch today. It still looks rather burnt, but smelled great. Also, since I fell asleep really early with the kids last night, I woke up at 5 am. With all that time on my hands I decided to try out Harumi’s tamagoyaki recipe. I may have misread the directions and added way too much mirin because it came out incredibly sweet and tastes like the kind you eat at sushi bars, which isn’t a bad thing, but I’ll definitely have to use the rest of it to make me some tamago sushi. Maybe tomorrow!

Miraculously, this round of tamagoyaki cooked rather nicely. I’m not sure if it’s something in her recipe, but for once my egg actually looked like a roll by the second round of egg. Could be some kind of magical egg powers her book gives me. I nuked the chicken straight out of the freezer for 1:11 and it turned out just right and good for slicing. I usually microwave things at 1:11 or 2:22 or something like that because Mr. Pikko is a pro at simplicity and efficiency (ie laziness) and taught me to microwave 1/2 of a second faster than I could before! I made some Costco fried rice from leftover rice, leftover rotisserie chicken, olive oil, soy sauce, and Seto Fumi furikake. The edamame as I’ve mentioned, is the pre-cooked, frozen kind from Costco so I just defrost some in water and it’s ready. Baby Girl helped me to string the yellow pick and she was so proud to have helped me make my bento! I added the carrot flowers and parsley for color and garnish.

Square Enix just recently announced the release date for their new expansion Wings of the Goddess and it will ship November 20th, just a few days after the Fan Festival. Content will be released on Thanksgiving Day. AUUUGH. Maybe they thought everyone would be at home and would be happy to play right after they stuff themselves silly, but last year we ended up trying Black Friday shopping. I can’t play Wings of the Goddess if I’m camped out at Toys R Us and Office Depot!! *sad*

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People have been asking me WHERE I got my nori punches and the Dreamland egg thinger from and the answer is that I found it on this website. Don’t ask me how I found that link because frankly, I don’t remember. I clicked around randomly until I saw the Dreamland item, then I asked my friend in Japan to tell me if they shipped to the US. They don’t, so he offered to buy it for me and ship it to me. Each item cost 12USD. Unfortunately, I didn’t know that he was able to send it via USPS so I was afraid of how much the shipping would be if I bought more to sell, so I don’t have any extras. 😦 I was too afraid that I’d get stuck with an item that I would end up having to charge like 20 bucks for.

Today I have two onigiri using the face punches. One looks like he’s ROFLing and the other looks like a girlie wondering what he’s laughing at! I have 3 Aidell’s meatballs along with sliced tomato and rolled up Canadian bacon cut into 3 sections.

For my bottom layer I packed blueberries, some peeled and sliced cigar mango, and some peeled and cored rambutan. My dad brought me all of this plus two fresh coconuts. Unfortunately, some Big Island wildlife came along for the ride so now I have kobais in the house. I have no idea how to spell “kobai” but that’s what we call those irritating little fat fruit flies. The Big Island way of getting rid of them is to leave out a bottle of shoyu cause those stupid bugs love to fly into the bottle and then they drown in the sauce. My brother once told me that he told his roommate this and that he was given odd looks all around. Those ceased the next morning when his roomies saw that the flies had indeed done a little suicide mission into the bottle.

The box I used to pack it can be viewed here. I found a bunch of these at Marukai and they were only 99 cents for once, so if people are interested, I’ll be putting them up on the store soon for $1.99. I have different designs on blue, green, yellow, and pink boxes. Another update on my tomato garden, they’re turning orange already!!

I’m so excited!!!

I received my copy of Harumi’s Japanese Home Cooking last Thursday and will be trying out several of her recipes over the coming weeks and tagging those entries with “harumi”. She’s got a lot of great looking pictures in there and even a small chapter on bento! This excited me a lot so I’ll have to try those out first for sure.

I mentioned that I had something special planned for the football game but it didn’t turn out quite like how I wanted so I’m going to revise my plan and post pictures once I’ve settled on something I like.

The newspapers had all been saying that Colt Brennan was going to play, but shockingly, the game starts and Tyler Graunke is the starting quarterback. His first toss, interception. We were all very disappointed but then something unthinkable happened. The HOME CROWD at Aloha Stadium begins to boo him. Mistake after mistake people keep on booing him. I simply couldn’t believe it. I mean, I’m of the opinion myself that he was doing terrible, but I wasn’t going to freakin’ abandon him and BOO him. WTF Hawaii? He kept messing up and I knew after a while people were going to start chanting for Colt and sure enough, despite a decent lead in points, the crowd starts to chant, “WE WANT COLT! WE WANT COLT! WE WANT COLT!” It was mind boggling. Heaven forbid we actually SUPPORT him. I wonder if anyone booing thought that maybe the booing was what kept him slipping up? And then to make things even worse for Tyler, the third string QB Inoki Funaki plays the last quarter and makes him look like a chump. I felt so bad for him. =\ He looked a lot better last year.

I blame the papers. They all reported Colt was playing as of Friday and I’m guessing this was to get high attendance without Colt Brennan playing. Maybe that was just what they were told, but I’m pretty sure it ticked people off. It’s sad because it means people come to see him and not the team itself, but how can you not want to see history in the making?

UH’s record: 4-0!

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New Bento Toys!

I’m at home sick today with the King of Headaches. I must say, he’s quite the grumpy guy. With no bento, I thought I would show my spiffy new bento toys, which arrived yesterday from Mr. Pikko’s friend in Japan. Thank you thank you thank you, Carl! I also would like to thank Susperia from FFXI for helping me with the instructions!

First of all, I have a new set of nori punches. I’m sure Bento Investigators out there have found images of this item before. Aren’t they adorable?? I can’t wait to do onigiri with them.

As exciting as the punches are though, this was what I was most looking forward to. It’s called a “Dreamland” or something. It’s a spiffy Japanese contraption that lets you cook eggs with shaped yolks. Isn’t that just awesome?? I can’t wait to try it out! It can be used for Jell-O too, wheeeeeeee.

Things finally seem to be settling down, thank goodness. I wanted to start prepwork for my football musubis tomorrow, but if his Majesty doesn’t go away, I’ll have to do it tomorrow morning. I have a new batch of bento orders that need packaging up to take care of too. My dad is coming to visit for the football game and he requested that I take him on an errand to… Marukai dollar store. Hahahahaha! He has to buy some kind of plastic tray and he was like, “If you cannot take me that’s ok…” Hehe, no worries Daddy-O, I’ll make me some time to go!

More good news: My tomatoes are ripening!!! They’re quite small, which I’m guessing is due to me being too lazy to go buy fertilizer. But who cares!! They’re small and cute and I grew them myself!! *beam*

And more on another plant!


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I am now on Day 5 of wild and crazy busy week. I can barely find the time to think lately, I’m even forgetting to blog! D: Last night we ate May’s Teriyaki Chicken thighs, which I think is a Hawaii brand of foods. They make wicked teriyaki burgers too! Anyway, I packed some up and put it on the dashboard when we were putting the kids in the car. I forgot we were on a slope and the tupperware came skateboarding down onto my seat and crash landed in a violent frenzy of rice, corn, and chicken. I screeched and picked it up immediately, but Mr. Pikko still felt the need to say, “Don’t worry, the only thing that goes there is my ass.” Well, gee, thanks dear! Anyway, that’s why I put the “Butt” in the title. It fell under the 5 second rule, so it’s all good, right?!?

I added in some edamame and an umeboshi. The box I used is actually quite ugly, I bought it simply for the nice food separations inside the box. Not that it mattered today since in my haste to get into the car this morning I dropped my bento bag, causing it to land upside down. *sigh*

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